Motion-Sensing 400L Spotlights (4-Pack)

Motion-Sensing 400L Spotlights (4-Pack)

I just bought these at Costco. 2-Pack for $19.99.
Unfortunately Woot no longer has many good deals :frowning: Used to be my favorite site for years, until recently I find items at a better price everywhere else.

Thanks for this! I was about to the pull the trigger. I see them on Costco’s website in black…did the store happen to have white? Not a deal breaker, just curious.

And yet… no link. 10 demerits.

Bought 3 of these 4 years ago. 1 still works. They are not waterproof. Water gets into the battery compartment and destroys the unit. Won’t be buying any more until the seal them better.

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looks like it.

Bought these before. Used on on my daughter’s back outside stairwell and but not directly exposed to the elements. It’s has provided a small measure of security. I did hang one up recently in my back yard near the garage door and sure the Chicago -25 degree weather we had they would just cycle on all night long. Cycle on non-stop.

Not too good.

I’m pretty sure that’s the low battery indicator when they cycle on and off non-stop. I bet the -20F weather we had just reduced the battery power, I’d like to know though. I’ve had one for a couple years and it works fine and is totally exposed. Nice for grilling.

Don’t forget that the ones from Costco come with the D cell batteries!! That along with the lower price makes this a non-deal.

Bought these a few years ago for my mom’s house. They did work. The spread wasn’t huge but good for over windows to deter casual thieves. You need to ask yourselves if you want to keep them tanked up with D batteries. I also have some relatively cheap rechargeables with solar panels and those have been more hassle free.