Motion-Sensing 400L Spotlights (4-Pack)

Motion-Sensing 400L Spotlights (4-Pack)

Momma likey this! Makes amatuer doggie porn so much easier.

4 D size Batteries - OMG…I Better run cables instead in ground …$$

400 Lumens is not very bright. For example a 35 watt bulb produces 350 Lumens and a 40 watt bulb produces 450 Lumens.

These are great and twice as bright as the single light older style. I use a couple in my storage shed and they light it up nicely-and they are quite bright. I also have them on the corners of the garage and they illuminate a fairly large area. As for the expense of batteries, I get just about a year of use out of a set of good alkalines, even with the long winters we have. I have a set of the network linked ones and those are really great-I use them to light up the driveway path at our remote cabin-when the first ones trips all of the rest go on including one over the door.

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^^^ My experience is similar to yours. I’ve had these for 3 years with no problems whatsoever, though I recently replaced with their “networked” version which lets one unit trigger another when it comes on. I wouldn’t have upgraded to those if I weren’t very satisfied with these to begin with.


Nowhere did I see that these only turn on in the dark, (although there was an Amazon comment about them not turning on when a nearby football field’s lights were on), so does anyone know if they save battery by not turning on when it’s light out?