Motion Sensor Trash Cans - Your Choice

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Motion Sensor Trash Cans - Your Choice
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Nice, as long as you don’t have a dog taller than a Yorkie…or, if you set it close to a counter, a cat…

Be prepared for the following:

It opens every time you walk by.

When you have a handful of scraps that you want to throw away, you’ll find yourself waving your hands in front of the sensor trying to get the darn can to open.

And the best part…if the can is already open and you’re about to toss in more garbage, it’ll close just as your’re letting go of the items, resulting in all that garbage bouncing off the top of the can.

Sounds like a jerk. :slight_smile:

I bought one of these a few years ago and absolutely love it. Works great, opens only when I wave the sensor, batteries last forever and no having to open the trash can with dirty hands…

I own one and never experienced what you described. Your hand is close enough to the sensor for the door to remain open while emptying scraps. And mine never opens just walking by.

What are these, european? This is merica… How many leeters in a gallon??

You have the internet, just look it up. I googled and found out, you can too.

52 leeters = 13.7 gallons
50 leeters = 13.2 gallons
12 leeters = 3.2 gallons