Motivational Speaker


Wish the bottom text was absent.

please, please stop explaining the joke! The speaker saying “You can do it!” is fine as it is. Why add “motivational speaker”?! That ruins (another) shirt for me.

Dying here!!! OMG, that is hilarious!!!

All you naysayers should grow a pair!! [of breasts, so you wouldn’t be able to look down and see that line of text! What did you think i meant??]
Or use a sharpie.

Great shirt, but the text explaining the joke definitely makes it an unfortunate pass. :frowning:

Have to agree with the others. It’s less fun when it’s explained.

Another person who wishes you would stop explaining the jokes. How else are we supposed to weed out the dull from the witty if not for the vacant expressions on their faces as they stare at our chests?

bravo, well said!

re-issue the shirt w/o the explaining text and I’ll bet you sell a boatload of shirts. I’m in for at least 2 if you do!

I generally agree with the others but sometimes the hidden message is difficult to extract. This one is not too difficult, though that may be because the explanation is there.

Cute. Lose the explanation and add color options…earthy tones: Olive Green, Brown, etc

I would absolutely have ordered this if it didn’t have the “MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER” caption… Explaining the joke is not necessary and kind of ruins it :confused:

Congrats Expo! I think is so cool and well done!

Yup, agree, this is the second shirt I have seen in a while that could have gone into the cart except the explanation at the bottom just kills it for me.

One of my favorites from SW is ‘Porn Stars’. Very subtle and no explanation underneath makes it a great conversation piece. When the ‘joke’ of the witty shirt is right under the design, its never going to get into a cart.

Sizes run small.