Moto 32GB Droid Phones (VZN&GSM)

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Moto 32GB Droid Phones (VZN&GSM)
Price: $169.99 - 189.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Mar 15 to Tuesday, Mar 20) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Sprint is CDMA, would it work on their network?

I still have my Droid 2 for random portal uses, but I really miss having a physical keyboard. Clicked to check these and sadly the trend did not reverse. :frowning:

These are great phones.
It’s too bad that Motorola decided on their own to handicap tethering on these.
Only unlocked phone I’ve ever used that queries the cell provider to see if your line is set up for tethering.
Inexcusable for an unlocked device.

I have had my Moto X Pure for 3 years now. Great Phone! Unfortunately, Motorola is owned by Lenovo which ruins every company they acquire. Their next flagship phone, the Moto X5 has already been canceled. Sad!

Is this phone still shatterproof after being refurbished?

Even though on the service, it looks like it supports the same bands that Sprint uses, it working on those bands with a carrier that the phone was not DESGINED to work on, just means it may not work in all markets. However, if it helps, the Moto Z (unlocked or not) is not a phone that Sprint supports in their “BYOD” list. However, it does support GSM which means with the unlocked phone, a sim from AT&T and TMO (or overseas provider) would work on the GSM network, but no guarantee it will work on LTE.

This might help as it lists which moto phones work but when you browse forums, you find that this isn’t always the case. Doesn’t look promising though. ROll the dice…

Another good source for checking phone compatibility. A little more complicated but still good.

Hmmm… the Moto Z Force, or the Samsung S7?

I don’t mind a scratched body, but don’t like when they say the screen may have scratches. Anyone buy a phone refurb from Woot with screen issues?

is the z play the XT1635-02 version? I need one that’s compatible with Republic wireless. I have Prime, but will they ship to Puerto Rico?

Sorry. We only ship to the 48 contiguous states.

It is the xt1635-01 since it is compatible with Verizon.

If I’ve read the text correctly, these are a “Droid” versions of Moto “Z’s”. That ‘Droid’ designation means it is unique to Verizon. Not sure what the difference is, both accept the moto mod devices.

That being said, these are the 1st generation “Z’s” and not the current 2nd gen. The “Z’s” are GREAT phones.

Have I got a story to tell…

I got a new Z Play from Verizon last summer and thought it was a very good phone for the money.

Until it let off a puff of smoke while sitting under my nose.

OK…it’s under warranty and Verizon sends me a “certified” replacement. That one wouldn’t let me take pictures; it kept saying there wasn’t enough memory even though there was plenty.

I had the next replacement for little over a week when it went completely berserk saying some unfamiliar app (with “android” in its name) was no longer working and did I want to close it. I couldn’t close it or get rid of the message, but finally managed to turn off the phone. When I turned it back on, all my settings and most of my data were gone. I was told this was more of a software problem, that Google had updated their platform and Motorola was scrambling to correct incompatibilities that had resulted. However, the “system updates” section in settings had disappeared completely, and they were unsure the phone would ever be able to get an update (they tried for an hour to force it). I couldn’t even download a new app. Maybe a factory reset would have worked, but I just went along with the Verizon store said to do.

I now have the 3rd replacement on which the button to raise the volume does not function and am waiting for the 4th.

I asked Verizon who refurbishes these, whether it’s Verizon or Motorola, and they said it’s Motorola.

Buy this phone and you might get a good one, but I’d consider it a gamble more than a sensible purchase.

I would assume so. I’ve had the z force for since black friday 2016. My understanding is that what makes it a ‘shattershield’ is there’s a factory installed screen protector over the glass (which you can then put your own screen protector on top of that.) So, since i’m assuming things, I’m assuming that would still be in place, or have been replaced (especially since it is listed in the product features.)

Now for the unfortunate news about the shattershield. It has a soft feel to it (plastic, not glass) therefore it scratches easily. I was unaware of this on day one, tossed it into my pocket, and my keys did a number on it. It is cosmetic and has not impaired the phone at all.

I really like the phone. I’ve gotten over the screen scratches because i know they aren’t in the glass. I love my jbl mod speaker. One of the surprising features for me was the swipe to shrink the screen. If you’re unfamiliar, you swipe from the center of the phone to a corner and the display screen shrinks to that corner. It is great for when you need a smaller space so you can catch pokemon or hack portals one handed (or so i’ve been told. :p)

edit *apparently there is now an alexa speaker mod for the moto z line. It’s pricey, but does sound cool if you like alexa.

This seems like way too much to pay for refurbished, previous-generation phones. Here’s what I paid within the last several months to buy the current-generation Moto Z phones directly from Verizon:
[]Brand-new, current-generation Moto Z2 Play: $120.
]Brand-new, current-generation Moto Z2 Force plus the moto mod projector: $240.
I opted for the installment plan, so I’m paying $15/mo for the above. This was not for new service; both phones were replacements for older phones on existing lines.

Same on my Moto X. Which is why I won’t be buying a Motorola to replace it.

I’ve had a phone, the Motorola Admiral (Sprint) that as a referb from Moto. It never was right. 1st referb, camera kept saying something about admin restricted. 2nd phone, same thing, 3rd phone, 1st week fine, 2nd week, camera stopped working. Store manger pulled some strings and I got a replacement/updated NEW phone on my account and moved on.

I’ve got the Droid Z (XT1650), which is the super slim version without the bulletproof screen.

I love it, with reservations.

First of all, I do really like the Mods. Specifically, I like having the smaller phone without an attachments most of the time, but s super easy battery pack when I need it to run for 3 days unplugged or a quick connect speaker and kickstand for audio without Bluetooth hassles.

it’s nearly stock android, although with slower updates. The Moto Gestures for flashlight and camera are wonderful. I am always first in the group to get a photo snapped when something capture-worthy happens.

Turbo charging is great. USB c is great. Micro SD card is great.

most common complaints are 1) lack of audio jack (I don’t care) and weird camera bulge without a back (I don’t care).

I’m torn between the Pixel 2 and the next Z for my next phone.