Moto E5 Play 16 GB (AT&T / T-Mobile Unlocked)



Moto E5 Play 16 GB (AT&T / T-Mobile Unlocked)


What is the model number?
I need to know that to see if it is compatible with Republic Wireless.


I got lucky and found one on eBay that worked with Republic Wireless on their older second plan. It was a Moto G3, an old model but now I can keep paying just $10/month for cell service with a smart phone, yea!!


Why wouldn’t these work on Republic Wireless? Aren’t most Motos both GSM and CDMA?


I dunno. All I know is that the model number for RW for this is specific.
I don’t think RW works with those designed for Verizon.

Eitherway, none of this matters. I’m just looking for someone from Woot or elsewhere to provide a model number…


So, it is five dollars more than the mothership?


That only has 1gb of ram


Hi there. We’ve asked the vendor for the model number and are waiting to hear back.

UPDATE: And here it is - PAA90006US


The E5 play is GSM only. With the E5 iteration, Moto really started to move it to an international phone, thus phasing out CDMA with the carrier unlocked version. I think the only way to get a CDMA enabled E5 is through a carrier.



Buyer must be having a better Monday than me because he’s lowering the price of this Moto to $79.99.

If you already purchase, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.



Is this the XT 1921-2 or something else?