Moto E5 Play 16 GB (AT&T / T-Mobile Unlocked)

Moto E5 Play 16 GB (AT&T / T-Mobile Unlocked)

Is this model number XT1921-2?

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It is the model that is now sold out. Will we be getting something else today Woot!?

Geez, most of the country missed out as some dude in Oregon snatched the phones as quick as he could. Not cool. Finally a decent starter phone at a great price and somebody’s going to grab and mark them up on who-knows-where website. Blah!

They are all gone. Lame. My wife’s phone just broke, this would have been the perfect replacement

I agree. Deals should have a purchase limit, so anyone else that might be interested will have a chance. I have this phone and love it.

Actually nobody missed out on anything. 16 GB is an inexcusable storage amount in this day and age.

And it’s not just a convenience thing - it directly effects performance.

I currently have a 16GB phone (I switched to Xfinity Mobile and at the time had to use one of their few Android phones) and it’s abysmal.

The second the phone gets to around 12 gigs of usage the phone starts to get some noticeable slowdown. When you get towards the 15 gig range it becomes unusable.

Now, I know what you’re saying - “use a micro SD card!”

I do! For media/photos and any app that will install to it. The thing is not every app will let you install to SD card. And consider the system uses at least 8 or 9 gigs or more, that lets the space fill up extraordinarily fast.

So, in conclusion - any company should be ashamed to release a 16 gig phone in this age. It’s terrible.

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That’s a bit harsh. I like the E Series of Moto phones. This a great economical phone for a kid or anyone that wants something more basic. Not everyone is tied to the smart phone lifestyle. There is a market for some just need a basic, reliable phone with a few apps.

Sorry for the late reply! There is nothing wrong with an economical phone. We have several E Series Motos! I’m in love with the G series too.

It’s just that having so little space can quickly make the phone extremely slow and frustrating with just even a few apps. It’s nothing to do with the smartphone lifestyle. Just a technical wall it’s run up against that actually reduces just basic usability of the phone.