Moto G Stylus 2021 - Black - Made for US

Moto G Stylus 2021 - Black - Made for US

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What’s a ‘10w Carger’?
Some new fangled slang for a car charger? /s

On one paw, it’s newer than my 2020.

On a different paw, it’s not a significant upgrade from the 2020 I’m currently using, even though OS support is ending (or has?) this year.

At least I remembered the model.


Everything looked good about this phone until I saw that it doesn’t have NFC, which is a deal breaker for me cuz I like the convenience of using Google Pay.

I’ve got the 2021 Power and am quite happy with it. Battery lasts 2 days and it will quick charge. Replaced the 2019 model and that extra GB of RAM is noticeable.
Price here is same price I bought mine new from the local nationwide electronics/appliance store.

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This is a great little phone for the price. I bought this as a secondary phone to travel international and to play games on. Screen is huge, pen is so-so.

The deal to be had was when this was offered on QVC earlier this year with 1 yr of tracfones cheapest service for $120. I think i have about 2kb of data left for the year…

I know this might sound stupid, but does it have 5G capability? I’m thinking of getting this, but I also want to know if it is capable of 5G

This is the only 5G Motorola available