Motorola 2 or 3 Handset Cordless Phone

4 Stars for the set of 2

Solid reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) on the two-handset set over at

The people of Walmart like the three handset set even more (3.7 out of 5.0)

Ok, so I just had to do it. I just HAD to call that 1-888 number.

The good news?? It really IS Motorola tech support.

The bad news?? They are only open 8:30am - 6:00pmEST M-F.


Was just about to jump on this, but it looks like the only deal breaker from reviews is the lack of a headphone jack on the handsets.

Ohhh, we do need some new phones… sadly I think we might need like 4 or 5 handset instead of just 3.

Dear Woot,

Please sell phones with headset jacks. I promise I will buy one, provided it’s a good deal (which I’m generally used to from woot). Judging from the comments on prior phones that’ve been for sale on Woot, it seems others would, too.

Thank you,

Can’t find replacement battery anywhere for Motorola P1003 phone. First thing to go. Worrysome.

So what version of android do these run?

One question ,why is there only 2 chargers with the 3 handset version . How you suppose to charge up the third handset?

The 3rd handset goes in the base with the answering system. It charges from there.

Those reviews from Walmart customers about this set are only three in total.

To me, a 5 star (this is not one) or a 2 star evaluation is not helpful when there are few in the sample.

people still use these things ???

No. They don’t. Mine sits on the desk and rings occasionally, but of course is never answered. I have been asking myself for years why I still have a land line. There isn’t any good reason. It’s just tradition, something from the past that you don’t want to let go of. But of course you’re right. Even people who still have them don’t use them. They are just an annoyance that you pay a few dollars a month to keep around. A phone number that you can give out but never have to answer.

Then again, thinking about it. . . . I flashed back to a memory of yelling at the kids to get off the phone so I could dial up the internet using my 56K modem. Who wants to give up memories like that?

I got rid of my landline about 5 years ago. People would call my house phone, I wouldn’t answere, 3 seconds later they would call my cell phone that sits right next to my house phone. Every other time the house phone would ring, it was someone trying to sell something or a paid political advertisement.

I was wondering that too - these must be left-over overstock to get rid of. $18/mo fee for something you never use is kind of dumb. If I DID want one for if the power is out for days and is a true emergency phone - the last thing you’d want is one that requires power to run - get a corded phone-line-powered basic for ultimate security.

Agree!!! Also would be nice to see some with 2 lines.

Believe it or not, there still are places where cell service is still not reliable like the one horse town we live in. And the sound quality still ain’t all that. I would never insult my dad by calling him on my cell. Soon though…