Motorola 2 or 3 Handset Cordless Phone

**Item: **Motorola 2 or 3 Handset Cordless Phone
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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5/4/2013 - $39.99-49.99 - 34 comment(s)

4 Stars for the 2 heatset combo or 3.5 Stars on Walmart

Additional Reviews for the 3 headset combo

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) on the P1002 over at amazon

Looks like a nice and powerful phone. However, no Bluetooth earphone capability. I couldn’t tell if it has a 3.5 mm socket for a wired earphone. Does it?

According to the Amazon reviews (see link in conanthelibrarian’s post), no, it does not. Which is a dealbreaker for me, alas.

I see no earphone capabilities either. I keep watching on here, hoping they will offer a phone that does have an earphone capacity because I am in need & I think I will likely just have to buy it elsewhere since I’ve been seeing nothing offered here with that feature in over 6 months now. :confused:

Can I use these as an intercom if I don’t have a land line?

Yes, I’m dumb. Haven’t had a land line in 7 years and these were quite expensive back then, so never had a set. TIA

Wow new phone no refurb for once I’m in for a 3 handset.

No headset jack, no thanks.

It has a speakerphone, so why is a earpiece or bluetooth so important? I am really curious.

Lots of people have them and would like to be able to use them with their land line phones.

Some people want to move around when talking on the phone, multitasking, etc. and some want more privacy when other people close nearby.

So are these the type of phones that will work with VoIP services like AT&T u-verse?

Nobody in our house is happy with ours. The interface sucks, can’t hear an incoming message while it is recorded (screening) since the base station has no speaker.

We were spoiled by our uniden dect system that worked great for years. Just bought the motorola a couple months ago and consider it a waste of money as we’ll likely have to replace it even though it “works”.

I was hoping for a rotary dial.

This phone has lots of nice features but you don’t want to buy it if you plan on putting one into your bedroom: Once an hour, the LED panel will light up for several seconds.

(Motorola support evidently had never heard of this problem and their only suggestion – taking out the batteries and then restoring them – didn’t accomplish anything.)

Can you tell me more about why you don’t like it? Since I would be using this in a business, the lack of screening would actually be a plus for me…

If you like these, grab them while they’re still available. 'Can’t imagine why Google (bought Motorola’s phone business) would want to continue producing these when their target was an Android phone hardware maker with which to push back against Samsung.

I just bought a 4 phone System that was loaded a few weeks ago on woot. Must have not been watching closely. That one was less than $50, had Bluetooth connectivity and link-to-cell for two cell phones. There were a few drawbacks but nothing major.