Motorola 5.8Ghz Dual Handset Cordless Phone and Digital Answering Machine


[imgleft][/imgleft] Sunday, September 25, 2005


Well, it’s a phone.

I’m surprised people even use house-phones anymore.

…I guess they’re good for long distance…?




eh, ok not good enough


Yet another crappy woot, where are the “mystery” speakers?? No one wants to buy these phones, they’re useless. You know what’s not useless? Those 5.1 Speaker Sets. I mean, every night, at 1:00EST, millions of people are getting disappointed by seeing phones or coffee blenders, or bags of junk. And today, I’d like to voice out my opinion on these worthless woots. As many other users report, they dread staying up until 12CST or 1EST and seeing a worthless woot. Before, when the older version of woot was operating, the deals used to be awesome. But now, I don’t know what happened. Different management? Seriously, if the deal is not good, I’d rather not see a woot instead of putting something like these crappy phones or breadmakers or coffee blenders. These crappy woots seem to be appearing every other day for some reason. Therefore, WE need better woots from now on. BTW, LETS GO EAGLES!!!


This is a great deal - I have to bow out since I went cell only at home.

//shakes fist at woot

Had you posted this a couple of monthes ago?

I’da gotten one!


Nice but didnt they just woot this??


awesome phone!

i want one!..

no debit card… gots to be 16…


seems nice, dont need a phone… gone all cell and internet o well… maybe tomorrow


Damn, already gots a phone. But it’s my first live woot tho. Woot!


how many of you still use phones? Id figure cell phones made house phones obsolete by now


more phones?

give me useless gadgetry!




Who still uses a land line? c’mon more computer stuff woot!!


didn’t they just have one of these a few weeks ago?


Oh no not another phone


Got pfones already =/


Does this have custom ringtones?


ET Phone home, but not for me!


Sweet phone!!!