Motorola 53863 Earpiece with Microphone

Motorola 53863 Earpiece with Microphone

Lol. USB C compatible?

They have an unlimited stock of these.

will this work with my iPhone 7, 8, or XR? lol

Post more comments please

This one was put out there just so the Woot employees can head home and rest assured nothing will happen while they’re gone.

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I miss Woot. Bag of Crap - real Woot Offs. Damn Motorola is a buzz kill all by istelf

Don’t worry guys, I’ll take one for the team.

In for 25

Can’t they do that with the Harry Potter collection from last time?

Oh… Wait… We don’t want to break the Woot Off.

This wootoff has been pretty magical, 2 pro controllers sold and a TV from a not “literally who” brand.

boc next

buy limit 100