Motorola 7" Dual Digital Photo Frame Woot Info Post
kid tested, approved!

Motorola 7" Dual Digital Photo Frame [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Motorola LS720B Dual Screen 7” Digital Photo Frame

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Screen resolutions are pretty low. OK if you’re 10 feet back, but not so good when close.


Motorola’s shopping site - $130

Is this a different model year or do they have the specs all screwed up. In Amazon the specs are:
High Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels per panel
Built-in memory to store up to 1200 of photos (512 MB)
Set both screens to show photos in a slideshow, or set a slideshow on one and a calendar/clock on the other
Programmable on/off time
Plays MP3s through built-in speakers
Technical Details
Brand Name: Motorola
Model: LS720B

Our specs match the ones on the Motorola site (see link above).


And the Motorola store

both have the same 480 x 234 pixels per panel resolution as woot.

Okay so it’s a good price. But why would anyone need this? I’ve seen regular digital photo frames at friends homes before and it always just looks tacky.

Have these things really caught on??

While I’m not sure about this model, the frames generally seem pretty cool for desks or office space. They allow you to have a bunch of variety without much clutter.

okay what about:
Product Description
Motorola Dual 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame (LS720B)This Motorola 7? digital photo frame comes with a high resolution (800 x 480 pixels) screen and a sleek and slim design. The fantastic dual 7? display allows you to display two different photos at the same time. You can also switch one frame to a Calendar or Clock. This product also comes with a built in mp3 player and speakers, built in memory to store up to 1200 photos (512 MB). Auto rotation with tilt sensor and being fully wall mountable are also key 7? TFT Display High Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels per panel Built-in memory to store up to 1200 of photos (512 MB) You can either set both screens to show photos in a slideshow. Or show a photo slideshow on one and a calendar/clock on the other screen. Sleek and slim profile. Auto Play your photos / slideshow in loop Mp3 player Programmable on/off time Auto rotation with tilt sensor Selectable slideshow transition. Built-in speakers 3.5 mm audio jack Me

Product Details
Manufacturer: Motorola
Model Number: LS720B
Sellers Found: 2
Available Since: March 04, 2010

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Whoa, it’s a double photo! So intense!

In all seriousness, this has somewhat limited uses. Either you’re showing separate and juxtaposed photos, or the tops/bottoms of things.

However, if what you want to show off are screenshots from a Nintendo DS, here’s your photo frame. Buy two, even.

Is each screen 7"?

Resolution – 480 x 234 pixels

I was wondering the same thing… anyone know?

EDIT: 480x234…? I’ll pass.

FWIW, that’s per picture - the whole frame is 480 x 468.

I can think of lots of related photos you might want to display. There’s sons/daughters, wife/kids, kids/pets, wife/lover, friends/enemies, etc.

smokin’ deal. These make great gifts for parents, who don’t already have one. You get a SD card and throw some pictures on it. They get all mushy afterwards and will turn into an unattended open ATM and babysitter.

I’d like one if it’s 7" each. The description is so vague it could go either way.

Since they evade the issue of overall frame dimension I’ll assume it’s 7" overall and their screen simply has a capability to emulate two individual (much smaller) screens. Wow, that’s tiny!

That’s funny!