Motorola Bluetooth Headphones

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Motorola Bluetooth Headphones
$24.99 + $5 Standard OR $7 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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It’s so nice to have wireless headphones even without the cool factor you could think of it as insurance.

How many times have you walked off with your headphones forgetting you’re wearing them and knock your ipod/phone onto the ground? NEVERMORE! now you will just walk out of range worst case scenario.

I’ve owned two pairs. Only because I LOST the first pair. These are great, sound quality is great, they’re just great with a side of great. Especially at this price.

Get them. NOW!

I got two or three of these the last time they were offered and I’ve not been disappointed.

It’s true that they can put the squeeze on your head if you have a large enough head AND wear them for too long without a break, but they come in very handy for my big skull - especially in the fitness room.

Often people don’t even realize that I’m wearing them, so don’t worry much about the dork factor.

Will these work with PS3? Watching TV at night while my girl friend sleeps. These would be great.

They are great sounding headphones, but the little buds on these ones fall off easy. Have lost several now, so my wife and I have to go into each other’s set to get replacements.

Soon, we will have to start using different sizes than what we feel comfortable with if we don’t stop losing them. I have started to take them off and put them in my pocket while not using them, in fear of losing anymore.

Will these work with Iphone 4s

+1 These headphones are awesome. You have to pick the proper size gel so they don’t start to really hurt your ears after a while, if your ears are like mine anyway. Sadly, I paid full price for my pair a little over a year ago and use them EVERY DAY.

Work great with my Transformer tablet, G2E4gTouch, and even my POS crapple crypod. Recommend 100%, especially at this price, even if they are refurb r0xx0rs…

I have actually been looking for bluetooth headphones so this is a well timed woot for me, but how comfortable are these on the ears? I have a very difficult time wearing earbuds so anything that fits inside the ears is a concern for me.

Twice as expensive at Amazon, but mediocre reviews:

I can’t speak to this specific model, but bluetooth headphones in general ROcK IM(ns)HO!

The ones I have were a woot item a few years back and go “over” the ears, I’d definitely prefer these based on form-factor.

Being able to kick off my playlist and put the phone in my pocket without worrying about wires getting tangled, pulling the buds out of my ears etc really helps.

I use them every time I go to the gym - it makes it much easier on the elliptical, rower, even the weight-machines without the hassle of the wires.

A 33-foot range is good too - most could leave the phone/ipod/etc on a desk or windowsill and move all over the room without a problem.

Unless there’s something really bad about this model, I’d have to say this is a pretty screaming deal.

My only concern would be the size - how hard would it be to carry this around when not using it?

My little round 'phones with the wire connecting them together rolls up and fits into a pouch smaller than a pack of smokes including the USB charger and cable.

This looks like it would not fit in a pocket, but probably comes with a suitable case to protect them when they’re not being worn…

I guess they’d be no worse than an average set of mini headphones…

Hope this helps someone…

Here are the Pairing Instructions
Just click your device and check it out for yourself!

I am the same way. There are several different sizes that come with the headset, and none of them were an amazing fit in my opinion. There was one that I settled with, and have learned to love (as long as I don’t lose them, haha).

A heat-gun, carefully applied, would soften the plastic just enough to let you spread them a smidge and eliminate the “squeeze”…

I’ve done this with a number of items from shooters’ earmuffs to some similarly-shaped, wired 'phones…


Got it on the last Woot, they work great, fantastic range.

Also if you want to use these with a device that Isn’t already bluetooth ready you could always buy an adapter Like This!

I have been searching for a long time for a good bluetooth headphone for my gym workout…I got these the last time they had them on woot and absolutely love them! so far no complaints at all…I’m tempted to get another pair for an early xmas present for a friend

For $10 more buy the Plantronics pair @ Fry’s & they are new! Backbeat 903+. Picked an extra set up today for $39.99 incase I ever lose my original set I have had for over 1.5yrs.

I personally have listened to this motorola set my friend has & wasn’t impressed w/ the sound quality of the phone call or the music compared w/ the Backbeat series… jmho.

Plus, the motorola set is found refurbished cheap everywhere - can we really say this is a quality set? Plus how long does a refurbished battery last?

I’d love to get any feedback on the product video thingy on the home page. It’s a fair bit of work, but I think it might be worth it with weird shaped stuff like this. Whaddya think?