Motorola Bluetooth Headphones

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Motorola Bluetooth Headphones
$24.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Are these as uncomfortable and tinny as they look??

You get what you pay for on this one, some people complained about them being uncomfortable if you wear glasses or have a big head.

For the price it might be worth taking a shot, but don’t expect to have great quality for making phone calls. This is more of a headphone set they slapped mic capabilities on.

Read more the last time they were up

They are actually pretty comfortable and my head is quite big (that’s what she said). I own a pair of these and have been using them for about a year now and they work ok, specially for a sweaty man like me. These are much better than the older model (S9) as are more water resistant.

Yes…I ended up giving them to my 12yr old for his iPod touch. They fit my wife but no way are they large enough for a normal sized man.

Overall sound is not too bad on them though.

For some reason in the ear headphones never looked as comfortable as over/on the ear.

It felt a bit too small at first but, luckily, they are quite flexible and you get used to it. It wraps behind your head tightly. Audio quality is so so… depends a lot on the earbuds that you are using.

If you mean tiny then yes but they are not as uncomfortable as all that. They do take some getting used to but after a few days of wearing them they get very comfortable.

If you meant tinny then they are somewhat tinny but with the proper ear buds they can sound decent.

If you have a small to medium small head then they fit fine, and the sound is actually pretty good. BUT, if yo have a normal American head, or larger as befits us, these will become unbearable in a few short minutes. I got some at Costco, and returned them the same day. The lady at the counter said that their small size was a big complaint, and many of them were returned.

These things are great, this is a good deal.

I bought a pair of these a while back… here is what I had to say…

People of Woot hear me. ITs time for me to eat a little crow. After complaing about the fit of the ear sets and grumbling about return policy and wut not, I read a few reviews on other sites about these things. Turns out I was wearing them wrong. I was wearing them with the back hanging down my neck, not correct. The loops do not go around the ears, they go Above the ears and protrude forward. Most of the discomfort eliminated. Sound quality great, phone functions awesome.

I am very sorry Woot, please accept my apologies, my dad was right (he is an old as dirt wooter) he said you wouldnt steer me wrong and I am sorry I bashed you… I hate it whn my dad is righter than me… anyway, I also want to add that I complained direct to Motorola about the fit and they immediatly offered to exchange them for an over the ear model… I passed, as the setup seemed the same with the exception of the speaker placement… again, I eat crow… Motorola rocked as well…

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I think they’re of exceptional quality,

I bought one of these the last time they were offered, despite the warnings that they could be painful to wear. My experience with them has been that I can only wear them for an hour or two before they get too uncomfortable to continue using them. The sound from them isn’t great, but works well for the purposes for which I purchased them, which was for when I’m taking a walk, cooking, or working out. I haven’t noticed too many issues with them falling off or failing due to sweat in a workout. I think they’re worth the price, but only as secondary headphones for specific purposes.

Anyone know if these are good for running?

Great price, great sound…but very uncomfortable for me. I had a pair of the S-9’s and LOVED them. They fell apart after a few YEARS and I got the s-10’s…I had to give them to my sister because the left ear piece would not stay in my ear right and it was soo soo tight. Very poor design.

Own them and they are not too bad. The fit does leave something to be desired and I do not get anywhere near the play time of 8 hours mentioned. Closer to 5-6 at most.
Also the controls were and are pain to use. On second though, I don’t like the as much as I did when I first started this message.

I’ve got a pretty normal sized head for a 6 foot 2 inch tall guy, these were like putting my head in some kind of torture device. I tried multiple ear pieces, and several positions for the loops (above ears etc). They were given to my wife after a fruitless battle trying to make them fit. She likes them just fine.

Why are these type of headphones always earbuds? I simply can’t stick something in my ear canal without feeling intense pain after 10 minutes. I can’t be the only one. Why can’t someone make an affordable set of bluetooth headphones that are not ear buds but also not a headset that covers the entire ear?

Anyone know how thee compare to the Delton X9 over on Tech?

Damn my wife and her setting a woot allowance!

These are awesome in every sense of the word. I’ve got quite a large noggin and I think they are still very comfortable for extended use. I wear mine while doing all of my outside jobs (washing the cars, mowing my 7 acres, cleaning out the chicken coop, weeding the garden, etc) I had been told that my voice sounded funny during calls, but it was more convenient for me so it was mainly their porblem.

I purchased mine from BB and got the extended warranty and had to return a set after about 6 months due to the volume buttons giving up the ghost, but for $25 you will not go wrong. I may return to purchase a 2nd or 3rd set as backups/gifts. I’m thinking I paid for one set what the 3 would cost from Woot.