Motorola Bluetooth Headphones

Here it was (for $5 less) on the Previous Sale

Lots of so-so (2.8 out of 5.0) reviews over at

3 out of 5 at amazon. Check out the reviews.

Bought these during the last sale. Power button just failed after a bit less than 90 days, yesterday, apparently a frequent point of failure. Checking on warranty,

Can you use these for swimming?

Swimming doesn’t require headphones.

Bought one. Charged it. It didn’t work. Only bluetooth device I’ve ever bought that couldn’t be detected by an iTouch, bluetooth cellphone nor android tablet. Poor reviews confirm this is a risky buy.

I have had these since November. I bought them new for about $45. They’ve worked very well overall, although the earbuds can fall off if you aren’t careful. Also, they will not be as loud as wired headphones. Many complaints in the reviews you’ll read will discuss volume, but the expectations are pretty unreasonable.

I use mine in a very large fitness center and never have an issue with the signal. I leave the iPod nano with my things at the door. I only leave disappointed when the gym is very loud and my music is tough to hear.

They work well for running, but they’re pretty heavy. Sweat hasn’t been a problem - just make sure the charger port is closed tightly. For very long runs, I wouldn’t recommend them due to comfort.

I contacted Motorola when one of my earbuds fell off and disappeared. They sent a new set of all the earbuds promptly and for free.

Lastly, Motorola has released the S11 model, which is much more expensive ($100 or more). However, there have been many users reporting issues with build quality, even though the headset reportedly works very well and has many nice features.

I think this headset is a very good value at $30, as long as the refurbs work like the new ones. For about $10 more, you can get a new one.

Check out this “fair” review over at

Improved comfort compared with rigid previous model. Lower price than before.
Horrible sound quality with music. Still not particularly comfortable.
We’re not sure what happened here, but Motorola has blown it with the S10-HD, a stereo Bluetooth headset that sounds markedly worse than the prior model.

Bought one from woot a couple of months ago. The right side barely works now and the headphones hurt my ears. As said before the ear buds easily fall offf.

Had a S9 model until the volume stuck on it. Was great…up to that point.
Have heard the S10 is better if for anything to simply have on a bike ride or walk without “strings” attached.

wasn’t this just $20 the last time?

Bought these during another recent Woot sale. Use them to listen to and watch The Price is Right at the gym.


They’re very quiet; even at full volume, I still have trouble hearing with them. They’re also darned uncomfortable - some tipsters say “turn them upside down.” They’re still darned uncomfortable.

Battery life is decent. Pairing with multiple devices is a pain.

Glad I bought them but I wouldn’t buy them again.

I have had these for about a year, I want to say I paid ~80 bucks for them, my only complaint is that sometimes I have to hit the “track forward button” multiple times b4 it skips, sometimes it “un-pairs” from my phone, but it is generally on gym days when I am wearing static-heavy synthetic fabrics which seem to short out my phone in general. for this price, u dont have anything to lose for a product with great sound and great performance. I saw a question as to whether these are totally water proof, NO, the are water (as in heavy sweat) resistant. great for running and working out. they come with mulitple earbuds for your ear type, I have no major beefs with these

I considered the set I bought before to be worth the $25 I paid for them. The earbuds definitely fall off like all the time, and it does kinda push on your head. The biggest problem was that the mike picked up every noise in the neighborhood, so I wasn’t able to use for handsfree calling in the car. I ended up switching to a wired headset with poofy earmuffs (also from Woot).

I love mine. I’ve been extremely impressed with the range — often crystal clear for more than 80 feet, even through a door or wall. They pair easily and automatically with my iPhone.

The battery seems to consistently last most of 4 hours.

Superglue the earbuds and the rubber temple cushions on.

They’re a little tight if you have a big head. I had sore spots over my ears where they pressed my skull for a couple of weeks.

Still, I snagged a spare set last time because I can’t imagine being without them should my current pair finally die or get lost. Once you go wireless you’ll never…well, rarely…go back.


There is a reason that these show up on Woot and other discounters so often. These have a high return rate. The power button failure has been mentioned several times here and it can’t be stressed enough that it is a crap shoot as to whether you will get one that will hold up over time. I went through 3 returns before giving up and doing a self repair I found online that involved glueing a small piece of tin foil underneath the power button to improve contact. Now it works 75% of the time. If you want my advice, pay $10 more for a used Motorola S305 on Amazon. It is a much better quality product.

I bought these when they first came out at a much higher price.

Clarity - Nothing special but not bad.

Volume - Great. I used the biggest cushions to drown out outside noise. No problem mowing or weed wacking while listening to music.

Battery Life - Pretty good. Charged them every night and used them sometimes a whole work day.

Bluetooth - No problems linking but I did have to keep phone pretty close (same room) to maintain signal.

Fit - Probably my only downside. These things eventually hurt after a while. Sometimes put them on upside down to relieve pressure.

I can only speak for myself but I really enjoyed these headphones. I do believe others’ negative comments so I guess I got a “good batch”