Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard

Perfect for if you bought the bluetooth Mouse from a couple days ago! I wonder if woot did this on purpose… (of course they did)

Disregard this, I’m a maroon.

I’m on to you Woot! First you sell a Motorola Bluetooth mouse. And now we have a Motorola Bluetooth keyboard…You think I won’t be able to resist buying this huh? Watch me.

I always get frustrated and give up on bluetooth

Wonder if this will work with the mouse I just purchased the other day?

Picked two of these up on clearance at Target last year for $17 each. A few of the Android specific keys don’t work on my Acer A500, no big deal though. It fits a tablet carrying case I picked up perfectly with the tablet stored in it as well.

Can you give some info on how it works? Others might appreciate it. $68.99 on Amazon, 4/5 stars(Out of 33 reviews currently).

This does have a touchpad. I’ve never been a big fan of bluetooth peripherals due to the intermittent disconnects that occur. I got to admit though, it could be very interesting to try to use at work or when I don’t feel like typing on my Razr MAXX.

From the reviews I’ve read, the biggest annoyance is the disconnects that occur(partly to save battery). The keyboard is apparently more a “clickity-clack” keyboard than “silent.”
A worry is the pull out trackpad. People feel that it could be more sturdy feeling, though most would say overall the build quality is good.

I think I’m in for one.

FWIW, about 3 weeks ago, I got the keyboard and the mouse from 1saleaday for $17.99 for both; with shipping it was $22.98. So you can probably do better for yourselves if you watch and wait.

That said, it’s a lovely keyboard; did not pair with my Cydle, which was a piece of crap, but does with my laptop, my LG Optimus phone, and my ASUS TF300 Transformer.

The kb is responsive and works well. The mouse is really nice; I have a kb dock on order for the transformer, but I will still use the mouse with it; I really prefer them over trackpads.

Doesn’t the trackpad take the place of the need for a mouse?

I’ve been looking to get one of these for a while. Awesome price!
I somehow doubt this is the same keyboard that went on clearance last year, that would have been a steal!

This will work wonders for anyone with a Motorola phone and a dock with lapdock capabilities and shoud be great for that HTPC you’re about to build.

I also bought the BT mouse the other day, two actually, one was for my phone but I guess I’ll have a spare now since this has a touchpad.

Meh… other way around. I couldn’t give a damn about the trackpad! I’m definitely getting one to go with the mouse I ordered the other day.

Wow I’m having a really rough night, i’m calling it quits early. Night folks.

Will this work with ipad 1st gen?

Should work for a Nexus 7. HID is supported.

Can’t say much, I just paired it with my tablet and it worked. I guess mine is the regular non trackpad model.

Don’t get this keyboard, go for an iOS compatible one. Those usually have a home button, volume and other iPad or iPhone specific controls. Just get this for your pc.

I would like to use a BT keyboard with a HP TouchPad (also from Woot!) and Sony PS3.

Might someone who has personal experience using this MOTO BT keyboard with either of these two hosts comment on the following:

  1. How well, solid, and consistent does this keyboard maintain connectivity with either of these two hosts, and

  2. How well does the trackpad function with the HP TP, i.e. can a user hover a pointer to open a drop-down-on-hover menu, use two fingers to zoom-in/-out, etc.?

Thank you all in advance.

Here is a good video review- looks like a usable keyboard.

Will this work with an iPhone 4?