Motorola Bluetooth Mouse

Got one of these last time. Seems alright, paired with my phone alright.

Trying to figure out why I need a mouse with my phone that has a touch screen took a lot longer than pairing it.

FYI it doesn’t come with a bluetooth adapter, but you probably already knew that.

I also got one of these last time. I use it daily on my HP Touchpad running ICS 4.0 without any problems. I also pair with a bluetooth keyboard at the same time.

Several people did have complaints about losing the pairing, or the pairing taking an especially long time. Also, issues with XP that I’m not sure were ever resolved.

Previous thread discussion here:


The picture here is of a mouse that was not reassembled correctly when the batteries were installed; the two buttons should be at the same height at rest, and the picture here clearly shows the right button higher than the left button.

Also, I bought two of these mice, and I found both to be unusable. Every so often, it would just die; nothing would register on the computer. Then, after about 10 seconds, it would just start working again.

If you take a look at the discussion of the previous offering, you will see that many people suffered from this problem. And, as of now, no solution was posted.

I’ve got a Motorola Xoom here, That I bought from the fine folks at Woot :). I wonder if this would work with it ?? If so I may be in for 3 , one for the Xoom and a couple for back ups for the lappys and Desks etc .
Btw , bout a 1/3 if not more of my house anymore is Fine Woot Products , from the Fine Folks at Woot :slight_smile: .

Will this work with a macbook pro? As far as I understand the macbook has a bluetooth receiver built in…

Got this last time because my HP laptop has bluetooth…waste of money.

I picked up a few of these last time around, just because had been the cheapest bluetooth mouse I’d seen yet.

It would cut out on me, UNTIL I went into the device manager, checked my bluetooth, and disabled the “allow shutoff to save power” or something like that. Has worked great ever since.

Edit: Used on an HP laptop.

I think it’s just sneering at you.

Cheap is as Cheap Does.

$5 BlueTooth mouse and no dongle AND tons of poor reports of SMD (Sudden Mouse Death)

(or pass in this case)


Stay away from this junk.

Read the last two pages from the previous Woot on Moto mouse -

also the other flash-sale website had it yesterday for $4.99 shipped… not so good price here at Woot if you add $5 shipping.

I would like this but have decided to stop buying from WOOT! I had purchased a Motorola keyboard a few weeks back but it never shipped. When I asked WOOT! about it they told me “sorry, we oversold the item” then the same day I read the email it was offered in a WOOT-off. WOOT, How can you be out of stock on an item but be offering it for sale on your site? I asked customer service how they could tell me it was sold out but offer it on a WOOT-off, no reply to my question. I passed up buying another keyboard at a cheap price and ended up getting no keyboard at all. Customer service is not WOOTs strong point I guess.

I think WOOT really went down after being purchased by Amazon and their founder and CEO departure as a result of that.
Featuring a product with so many bad reviews and no customer support again…

Got one of these last time.

I’m surprised woot didn’t fix the photos. FYI the buttons are flush with each other, the right mouse button is not raised (as it appears in the photo). The cover was not pressed down properly.

Build quality is great for the price.

Side note, to my dismay, I could not get it to pair with my HP Touchpad CM9, but was able to pair it to my OG Droid CM7. Strange.

My guess is that we did oversell and your order was canceled. Sorry for that.

We do an inventory update before a woot-off and may have a few in stock for that due to canceled orders or other reasons. However, we can’t pull something out of a sale on a woot-off because the sales move quickly and we don’t have time to adjust the inventory.

It’s complicated and it does suck. We’re continuing to improve and hope you’ll give us another chance in the future.

If you’re talking about the Motorola Keyboard with the built in touchpad, I think you lucked out by missing out on it. The keyboard was decent but the touchpad was pretty bad. Very slow and not very sensitive. Had to press down on it to get it to do anything, which doesn’t work if it’s not on a desk. I also had some trouble pairing it to new devices even if the previous one had been turned off (it should have become available again immediately but didn’t).

I ended up selling it on eBay and losing around ~$10 on the whole ordeal. I think it was designed specifically to be used with Android devices, so maybe it works better with those. I was trying to use it with my PC.

I have the Xoom, and this, as well as the Motorola keyboard with trackpad. It does drop out, but it seems to be my tablet kicking it off, as it kicks off both the mouse and the keyboard at the same time. I will try the recommendation of changing Bluetooth powersave option, and I imagine that will do the trick.
It does work with the Xoom, however, there are some apps (including the Firefox browser that I have) that do not allow full functionality with the mouse/scroll wheel. It does work with the native web browser, and most apps.
If you’ve already bought something, and so have free shipping, I’d certainly give it a try.

Will this work with a Macbook Pro?? 'Tis important that I know,
For if it doesn’t, it’s all for show
and then I’ll feel sad and low
so let me ask once more, real slow
Does. This. Work. With. A. Macbook Pro?

Meow meow. (edit: to clarify, that’s catspeak for “my macbook pro has built-in bluetooth, so I would assume that it’ll just connect to the mac, but I wanted to be sure meow.”

I bought 2 of these last time (one for a friend), and it works great with my Touchpad and Razr Maxx. I highly recommend this if you have smart phone that can utilize Webtop via HDMI; combine this with a keyboard, and you have a ultra portable “desktop.”

I bought this yesterday from another website $5.00 and free shipping. woot charges $5 for shipping.