Motorola Bluetooth Smart Controller

A lot of talk over on the Previous Sale

So-so reviews (2.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

lets watch this review courtesy of wireless ground [youtube=ZGVPntiZV9s][/youtube]

So how does this cart thing work? Is it $5 to ship an order now and not just $5 all day?

Here’s the full explanation.

TL;DR: It’s $5 for as much as you can stuff in your cart.

I’m a gadget freak and even I find this thing to be a bit of a stretch when it comes to usefulness.

I bought one last during the $25 sale. I use it with my Nexus 4 basically as a phone, I just don’t know who it is when they call. The touchpad doesn’t work yet, neither do the buttons but I’m working on getting full functionality out of them. It’s well built and includes a very nice 6" micro USB data/charging cable, it has a nice label telling so.

Not bad for controlling Android TV sticks, but that’s about it.

In response to Woot’s description: yes! I had to go back and listen to how the guy says “couch” a couple times thinking hmmm, I bet he is Canadian. Then I saw the video title says Canadian. I was really surprised to find that pointed out in the item description though.

Good review

Yeah real helpful, NOT! The guy doesn’t even take the thing out of the box. I’ve seen stupid vides of unboxing. This guy does not even take the device out of the box. He just reads te marketing hipe on back. Check ou this review Motorola Smart Controller review - YouTube

I little over a month ago, my tablet’s display died. The funny thing was that touch still worked. I could plug it into a monitor and see what was displayed but hunting around by touch to navigate was almost impossible. I saw this little gadget on sale for this same price and picked it up right away.
It worked well enough for me to get a backup of all my apps so that I could transfer everything to my new tablet. Once it’s plugged in and tethered, you actually see an arrow icon. The movement isn’t the greatest in the world and the tap is very sensitive but it gets the job done if you need a remote for whatever reason. It was definitely well worth the $20 for me.

I bought this from WOOT. I set it up to operate my Droid Razr and Asus Transformer TF300T. The Motorola Smart Controller worked with both of them. I specifically bought it for use watching Netflix in motel room. I hook up my device to the motel TV HDMI and then control everything from the bed. It works. I can make selections on Netflix, run, pause, change shows, and stop to Google the answer to a question all from the comfort of my bed. It’s not as smooth and quick as doing the same actions on the device itself. I like it, and I’m glad I picked it up.
I paid $10 more on WOOT a month ago so you guys are really getting a good deal if this is a device you could use.

I bought one the last time Woot had them. It works well with my tablet, the Motorola Xoom. It was a bit of a hassle for the initial connection though. I finally figured out that all other Bluetooth devices that were connected to the Xoom had to be turned off in order to add this.
Other than that initial pain it works fine.

Depending on your version of android, under the development options you can activate “display touch points” and then it will visually register marks on screen (in your case on external display) of where your fingers are.

Bought one, thought it was broke…turns out since it is actually 2 BT devices in one (a mouse, and a headset) that if the battery is too low it will only allow you to use pair and use the headset portion.

After charging for days, this still was the case…then seemingly by magic it all worked.

Webtop and the assorted accessories like this are good ideas but the cost and “iffy” performance sealed their fate to the bargain basement…shame too.

Does anyone know if this is a standard bluetooth device that i can use w/ a PC, Mac, or Ipad?

Or is it android only?

technically it is standard, but the multi-touch functions are not necessarily going to work. Some people have used them on windows machines and ipads with varying degrees of success.

And I thought remotes for a car stereo were useless.