Motorola DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless 4 Handset Phone & Answering System

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Motorola DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless 4 Handset Phone & Answering System
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Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Motorola L404 DECT 6.0 Cordless 4 Handset Phone & Answering System

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Alright, a phone, so now I can make breakups even easier.

Huzzah! A phone for every corner of my room!

Link to website with user manual

Have waited, and waited, and checked woot almost religiously waiting for a DECT 6.0 phone since getting internet phone service out here where my cell phone sucks. Before I wanted one, I remembered seeing them all the time. Haven’t seen one in a while. The very day after I give up, break down and buy one at Target, Woot comes up with one.

Ah, that’s how life goes.

Does anyone know if these have clips on the handsets (so you can clip them to your pocket or belt)

Don’t you mean one for every corner of your cell?

Average 3.5 stars from 7 reviews over at Amazon (where they sell it for $28 more than this deal).

Two notable complaints:


I haven’t had a landline phone for a little while now, but can someone tell me why cordless phones come with 5+ handsets now? That’s all I see now. Why so many handsets?

BEST system to have if you run WiFi or Bluetooth in your home. I continuously had issues with my wireless keyboard when I had a 2.4 GHz system. This one (similar but slightly older model) worked PERFECTLY! A MUST BUY for mobility and compatibility in a tech home.

Do you mind letting us know what you paid for it at Target?

How are these on build quality and overall sound quality? Good from a technical perspective?

Hurrah for abuse of return policies!

does anyone know if it supports 2 lines? and if yes conferencing?

Works nicely for eavesdropping on your wife(optional), kids(optional), your neighbors(probably legal) or yourself! The possibilities are endless!

Well, well, well… Where do I start?

Those multi-handset systems can be great, if they have required set of features… Nothing about the below in description… So here I go:

  1. Can multiple handsets be connected to outside caller at the same time? How many? I’ve seen systems like this where if one handset picked up the call, no luck on others, so no “conference” between you in garage, wife in kitchen and mother in law in Florida…

  2. Does it have intercom feature - ability to call from one handset to another without disturbing outside line (and as a bonus, some systems allow to call from HS A to HS B, while HS C is online with outside caller, or carry two independent HS to HS conversations)? There’s a button labeled “int”, but what does it do, and again - how?

  3. Derived from “2” above. Can you name handsets so that when calling from one to another, you’d be choosing “Living Rm”, rather than generic “handset 3”?

  4. Does the answering machine allow call screening?

  5. Very frustrating on some systems: is the speed dial/phone book individual to each handset, or global for the system? If individual, can you transfer it from handset to handset? If not, you’d have to program each separately!!!

  6. A comment rather than a question: DECT is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had almost all of them over time, and the DECT one is the one that is not afraid of the microwave, doesn’t get in a way of WiFi, and has a very decent range!

EDIT Sounds like somebody answered my #5 while I was typing this… BEWARE - this is very frustrating shortcoming then!!! I’ve had a 2-handset system like that before (yes, just 2), and it was annoying as hell!

My mom would keep these together on one stand so she could rotate them as each battery runs low on her calling marathons. :slight_smile:

She can call lots of distant relatives and friends to keep in touch now that she has unlimited calling. Unlimited long distance, that is… the batteries only last so many hours on any cordless phone.

These type of phone sets are great if your home doesn’t have conveniently placed phone jacks or none at all (like the upstairs of my house).

There is one big drawback to these types of phone sets… only one handset may be in use at a time. So if you want someone else on your end to also join the conversation, they will need to use a phone that isn’t part of this set.

But if that isn’t an issue, and you are a long talker, you can easily switch to one of the other handsets, and now you can talk non-stop with being able to have 3 handsets charging at all times.

So, depending on your needs, they may be great, like they are for me. Or they may be terrible.

Target has a good return policy.