Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5” LCD & NightVision

What the hell is the thing in that picture?!?!?!

that is a creepy picture

That’s a scary baby.

EVERYTHING (in the back corner of the warehouse) MUST GO!!!

wow… can we get a gun with this thing?

Hahahaha, we were just discussing that!

This should slow things down.

Nice for you moms room
night vision comes in handy

This is one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen on WOOT.

They had this creepy baby on kids woot just last week.

What’s with the creepy picture? Hopefully we’re not supposed to spy on creepy mannequins with this thing…

That night vision piece could be cool, if used to made secert sex videos

Whats with the creepy lady on the monitor?

does the picture of the creepy clown come with it?

If I saw that thing on the monitor I sure wouldn’t head into the room. Either that thing ate my kid, or else my kid turned into that thing. Either way, I’d just turn off the baby monitor and continue to watch Fox News.

that war dvd set must have broken woot again. this time it switched woot to kids.woot. they really need to get this thing fixed. :slight_smile:

so bizarre

Buy one and it secretly pops out this picture when you set the timer so you can scare the shit out of your wife…

Also, it looks like they have about 50 of these…

Good deal if you need one, has a ton of cool features that the Summer Handhelds don’t have.