Motorola Droid Ultra Maxx Unlocked GSM

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Motorola Droid Ultra Maxx Unlocked GSM
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I own one of these using VZW.

The biggest drawback is that there is no microSD slot and mine is 16GB storage, about 5 of which is taken up by the Android OS.

I like the phone as it is responsive and quick on switching from one app to the next, but the lack of extra storage space kills it for me. Next phone I get is going to have SD capability.

Check out some additional info over at

The phone listed here has 32GB of storage. Helps ease that “lack of space issue”.

Highly recommend this phone, just make sure you get CleanMaster or some such thing because the Razr M and Maxx both have an issue of running up massive memory usage issues (I’m talking several gigs worth of wasted space that requires a full wipe every few months without CleanMaster).

However, other than that, this phone will walk all over most others.

I should add mine are on Verizon, and they are lightning fast on both a strong WiFi or 4GLTE.

Review over at CNET

I got this phone when it was new, with the 32gb storage. It was absolutely great, right up until the day I dropped it. With the money you save from getting it here make sure you invest in a good case…

The listing mentions Verizon (this was a VZW exclusive when sold new), but only lists LTE and unlocked GSM, never mentions CDMA for VZW. Is this a poor listing, or could these be refurbs that do not have “clean ESNs” for VZW activation, and therefore only good for GSM carriers?

Do any major carriers still use CDMA?
Perhaps Verizon does by the sound of your post.

I thought they had all migrated to GSM long ago?

I’ve had the Verizon 16GB version of this for about 9 months, and I’m fairly pleased with it. OTA updates brought it up to KitKat, and supposedly it’ll get Lollipop at some point (but I’m still waiting on that one).

I usually get 1.5 to 2 days of “typical” usage – which for me is mostly checking the occasional message a handful of times a day, tracking calories with a diet app, and one or two longer spans of Chrome browsing. I don’t use it for gaming or anything. The times I’m using it more heavily, I’d halve that. Note: I try to charge when I’m around 20-40% battery, so the time is based on that.

As for CPU, it’s mostly pretty smooth, but certain websites on Chrome (Gizmodo, etc) like to make it stall briefly. Not sure if that’s their crappy coding, the advertisements, or what. (Maybe I should look into a different web browser…) I think all phones start to bloat from updates and get a little sluggish over time, so this may just be the inevitable slowdown kicking in.

The main thing I like is the whole “Google Now” thing for searching, adding reminders, setting timers, etc. It has the occasional fail, but for the most part is pretty solid, and I guess one of the CPU cores are specifically geared for listening for that.

The whole “only lights the pixels it needs to” for the Active Display is handy. I wish it would “wake” into this mode with a tap instead of with the gyro, though, so I can check the time without actually jostling the phone.

As a whole, it’s a good phone I expect will last me the two years of contract I’ve got it for, if not longer. By then, there’ll probably be something newer and shinier (and hopefully even more efficient with battery and such).

So can this be activated on VZW?

If you’re feeling adventurous, this phone appears to be on the list of officially-supported CyanogenMod devices:

Don’t suppose any Woot staffers could speak to the general condition of these phones?

My guess would be the CDMA radio is present but the IMEI is probably scrubbed from VZW’s database, making the possibility of you using it on their network very unlikely.

Though it’s worth mentioning VZW intends to stop using CDMAone/2000 in the next 6 years.

no details on frequency bands supported? for 3G but especially for LTE - not all phones do all bands, one must specify.

Can this phone charge through its microusb port? It looks like the included charger uses a tiny barrel connector.

Im assuming that mention of a Nano-SIM card slot in the specs means this work with ATT network? Verizon does not use SIM.

I think that’s just a microUSB in profile. There are no ports on the phone other than the microUSB and audio jack.

NETWORK Technology


2G bands:

CDMA 800 / 1900
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G bands:

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO
HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

4G bands:

LTE band 4(1700/2100), 13(700)

Speed: HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps,
LTE Cat3 100/50 Mbps,
EV-DO Rev.A 3.1 Mbps

GPRS: Class 12
EDGE: Class 12