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Is the Xoom a 16 or 32 GB tablet? In the feature there is a line that states 32 GB.

For anyone considering the headphones:

I bought that particular set new, from Amazon, and I have to say they have the worst fit of any headphones I’ve ever purchased. They were too tight around the ears and too loose around the back of the head, and of the four separate earbud-end-things they come with, not a single one would fit my ears.

The sound quality is okay, but there are a lot better types of bluetooth headphones out there in a similar price range.

The XOOM is a 16GB tablet by itself, but it can easily support up to 32GB. The expansion slot on the back allow access to its microSD card port. You can find a card for dirt cheap like this one here…

source : I own a XOOM

Just felt the personal disappointment that usually only comes with a Woot-off. Clicked the “I Want One” button for the Motorola headphones. 30 seconds later, I clicked the final stupidly large button, only to find out that they had just sold out. Seriously? I am apparently destined to pay full price for these things…

Is the Motorola XOOM Family Edition compatible with all the Original XOOM Accessories?? I think not as it has a different powering port.

If it makes you feel any better, there is a fair chance these might rollback and be offered again? :slight_smile:

I was disappointed with the fit and sound quality.

I’ve bought 2 pairs of those headphones through previous Woots to use in the gym. I can’t recommend them - there’s 2 problems with them, depending on how you intend to use them.

first, I don’t think they’re completely sweatproof, if you’re going to use them for exercise. my first pair temporarily stopped working. I wasn’t really sure why, but after a few days not using them they started working again (I didn’t know it at the time, but in hindsight I think it’s because moisture that got inside dried up.) I ended up giving those to my dad as he needed some wireless headphones but wasn’t going to be using them for exercise.

the second pair stopped working completely, and I think it’s because the main button that’s used to turn the unit on and off is broken. this problem is not rare - I will eventually try to fix them using some tips from this forum post on the Motorola site:

so, don’t feel bad if you missed out on them. there’s a reason so many have been available as refurbs.

Just wanted to pop in and say my experience was * exactly * the same.

Xyboards? Again?

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’d totally have been in for 1, maybe 2, if they had a microSD slot. I can’t imagine 16gb onboard is going to last long.

Honestly I’d be happy to pick up the 8" xyboard if it were sub-$200. Any more though and I can only think about the mini and other options being only a little bit more though. I’d be happy to do without the case and keyboard I will never use.

anyone know if the SJYN0877A VGA travel adapter works with the xoom?

I’ll pile on and say this headset is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever worn. It’s up there with dental surgery in terms of things I avoid. It blows my mind that Motorola got a group of people to agree they liked wearing these for more than a few seconds.