Motorola Full HD (1080p) Dash Camera

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Motorola Full HD (1080p) Dash Camera
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I’ve been wanting to get a dash cam for about a year. It’ll probably only take a couple good comments for this one for me to pull the trigger. Don’t hold if it’s crap!

Better price than at one of the ex-CEO’s sites; it’s $69 at MorningSave.

“Motorola”? Sure it’s not “Polaroid”? Or “Bell+Howell” lol.
When did Motorola start selling their name?

So…7 out of those 10 reviews are all free products. I can’t see that and trust a product.

This looks strangely similar to a Falcon Zero, which has been running in my wifes car for over two years. If it is just a rebranded FZ (or vise versa), it’s easily one of the best dash cams I’ve seen as far as reliability, video quality, and ease of use (and I’ve gone through about 5 of them).

The desctiption says “When your car is involved in a collision, the built in G-sensor automatically starts recording in crystal clear 1080p HD.” That can’t be right. What good is it if it starts recording after a collision?

The Falcon F170 was mentioned here as looking like the same dashcam. It has 1100 reviews, with 70% of them being 4 and 5 star.

Seriously considering this - on my second Novatek-style budget dashcam. One started flaking out after less than a year that I attribute to heat failure. The second one seems to work ok, but more than once I have looked at the videos for a specific driving incident and it doesn’t seem to always capture everything (it is set to write a new video every 5 minutes). Fortunately no accidents, just want to show the family what some a-hole driver did.

(Update: in for one)

“An impressive 25fps”? Is this some sort of joke?

My guess based on other dash cams is that this is to record a hit and run while your car is parked.

They went zombie a long time ago.

I’d love to know why you went through five of them!

What about filming from what’s behind you?
Would love to see where I’ve been!

If they are so reliable, why have you gone through five of them?

I believe that is assuming that the dash cam is running every time you drive your car. If it’s like most other dash cams, that feature basically saves the video of the collision (a couple minutes before and after) so that it can’t be recorded over.

.5 hour battery life? Is this low?

Here’s some basic advice for dash cams. Remember, it is worth almost as much as you paid for it…

  1. The biggest killer of dash cams is the heat. I live in sunny Central Florida and two of my last three didn’t make it thru their first summer before they got fried, so check the operating temp range before you buy one.
  2. A standard memory card won’t last, either - you will need an industrial grade one. Standard cards won’t take the repetitive short record cycles, the heat, or both so just know that you will have to pony up a few extra bucks. By the way, you won’t know your memory card has failed until you need it!
  3. Frames Per Second (FPS) is not as important as the CLARITY of each frame, especially when you are trying to read a license plate number, street sign, or ID a face in the video.
  4. Internal battery capacity doesn’t need to be that great - just enough to provide a few minutes of run time before it shuts down after it loses power (from either turning off the car or an accident that cuts the power) or to power up if it senses movement when your car is parked (if you set it up that way). Frankly, the internal battery won’t take the heat regardless so after a while you can expect the cam to operate only when on external power.
  5. A common weak link is the suction cup mount, especially for full-time use. They never last and only get worse over time. Consider getting one that uses 3M automotive mounting tape instead.
  6. And lastly, if you want to record a view of where you’ve been, then buy two! Woot will love you even more if you do.

Google bought Motorola several years ago, and then sold most of it off in 2014. Lenovo bought the Motorola name. So I imagine they’re licensing the name out or they’re linked somehow to the company that makes these dashcams.

I would bet it’s always recording, but after “sensing” a collision it uses a higher resolution to capture more detail…