Motorola Full HD (1080p) Dash Camera

When they were bought out by Lenovo.

Why is every picture of the back of the unit showing a different unit?

EDIT: Sorry, only the top picture has different buttons.

>Frames Per Second (FPS) is not as
>important as the CLARITY of each

I have to disagree. 25 frames per second is about the same jerky speed that movies run at (24 frames per second). If you want smooth motion where things are not blurred because of the long shutter time (relatively speaking), then FPS is more important.

When an accident occurs, you want to be able to see all the motion. At highway speeds, you’re traveling 100 feet per second… things happen fast.

My car cam does either 4K at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second. Guess which one I selected.

That was a no brainer selection because at 1080 you would be able to identify/read license plate number, street sign, or ID a face in a video in most practical day to day like scenarios, and at the same time you would also get a very smooth video.
I bet you would not choose 480p at, let’s hypothetically say 720 fps or even more! Would you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, your dash cam may have those specs, but THIS camera offered doesn’t. 1080p at 25fps may be jerky when watching the video, but will be much clearer when paging thru it frame by frame looking for details when compared to 720p at 30fps or 480p at 60fps. No judge or cop ever said “That video is invalid because it isn’t playing at 60fps”, but they HAVE said “We can’t ID the car that caused the accident because we can’t see the plate number clearly.”

I’d rather have one CLEAR shot of a license plate than a smooth video of a blurry plate.

That’s not how video works. A slow frame rate at high resolution will give you a series of blurry images of moving objects.

Both specs matter.