Motorola Gaming Headset for PC

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Motorola Gaming Headset for PC
$2.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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anyone know if these are worth it?

lol no thanks :smiley:

No, not fora PC. It only has one earphone, so unless you’re deaf in one ear…

I think this was meant for XBOX though, so it might be worth it for that.

Can I buy one of these and hook it up to my iPhone while I’m driving ? Than I can play Madden whilst I drive, text, eat and watch the wootoff.

Not a bad price at all, but I’d like to be able to use my right ear for gaming. Tends to come in handy.

mono-aural headset being called a Gaming headset? Really?

Looks like it might been seen on the football field, but I’d still expect stereo for gaming.

Buy two and you got a stereo headset! For two heads… or two on one head and two microphones… kinda bulky… Don’t gamers have two ears? What if they only have a right ear, do they wear this backwards?

Not a bad price BUT… what gamers use 1 ear??? point for most games with mic is to hear in both hears so you can tell direction.

Well, since my kids break my nice headphones. Carcheras, Bose, etc, they each will get their own!

What is “full mono”?

the pirate food pyramid:

Apparently this is so you can more easily hear your mom call you for dinner.

At least, that’s the only reason I can think of for having a one-ear gaming headset…

Looks like you’re paying more than a Bucc-an-eer…

There will be so many sad gamers this Christmas.

At $2.99. They’re worth that for sure!

And it only had one ear so you can still hear whats going on around you. Great for gaming parents with young kids. Perhaps someone wanting to listen to music on PC while baby sleeping or kids who still need to hear the parents call from the next room to toss out the trash.

I’ll use these at work. That way I can hear my boss coming and alt+tab out of my game quickly. :slight_smile:

I wonder if this will fit in my cell phone so I can use this on long telcons…

This might be a deal if you are going to be a NFL coach for Halloween.

These look very appropriate for Madden.