Motorola Gaming Headset for PC

aww yes! perfect addition to my Bill Belicheck halloween costume!

Mono gaming? Who wants to play with surround sound anyways…

Allot of times I have noticed that Headsets with one Ear piece will say “for Gaming”, and they are actually referring to "In Game " Chat. If your just talking to team mates it isnt that mission critcal to have stereo.

And besides that, for $3 they just need to look good!!

“boom noise cancelling” sounds like an oxymoron

I did some research and it appears that these will also work with Xbox 360 as well.
I bought two since the standard 360 headsets have a tendency to break very easily.

Incredibly dorky, but, Motorola is no longer the headset sponsor of the NFL.

I blame Google.

Ahh, I get it. September 19th is talk like a pirate day…

This will work for casual xbox live gamers. Cheaper then the Microsoft crap!

I think you misread it. It is supposed to be “Boom! Noise cancelling!”

John Madden would be proud.

My husband & I both spend every night on WoW, and it’s nice to be able to be on vent but still hear each other. A full headset cuts you off from the rest of the room, and since we’re doing this every night, it’s important that we still feel like we can talk to each other separately outside the video game cocoon. Voila, a use for one-sided headset.

Can I use this with my Verizon / Samsung Intensity II cell phone?

this seems a little cruel to the panda lol

These headphones have a couple drawbacks;

The headset is extremely tight, even after prolonged use.

The audio plug-in, itself, is finicky and will come out without much resistance.

The cord is abnormally long and can create tangling issues/inconveniences, when trying to play casually (i.e. lying down, sitting on couch etc.).

Those points aside, it works very well, has a comprehensive volume control and the mute button is very convenient to toggle. You could do a lot worse, and probably not a lot better for the price.

Could I use this as a mic into my PC? It says it uses USB to connect to the PC, so that’s why I’m not sure. I’m planning on making some screencasts and need a basic headset to pipe my voice into the PC.


Gamed in mono before it was cool

After more research Ryan … doesn’t look like it. Says that it connects via USB, so it would work with PC, XBox but not cordless phones or cell phones

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I like the one-ear headsets for in-game coms. My Xbox headset is a one-ear for this purpose. However, I don’t like the fact that it encompasses your entire ear. That basically destroys any chance of you hearing footsteps in games from that side.

The only good one-sided headphones for games are those that lay flat on your ear.