Motorola Gaming Headset for PC


i have my camping supplies!!

Just buy two. Then you have one for each ear.

Nice one!

You just sold me on this. When I’m plugged into my headphones I don’t hear my wife at all. Nicely said. Thank you for extending my marriage also lol.

3 bucks, and Xbox compatible. Works for me.

the last time these were up, woot had them listed as “motorola gaming headset for xbox 360”
the headsets they received shipped with a regular usb end on their cable, that will not work(or even get powered up by) your xbox.
they DO work as a headset for your pc, if you wanna chat with your guildies on your fav. MMO, or for say, skype…

for those of us who bought them last time, (i was in for 3), woot has been feverishly trying to get the correct cables for the xbox360, but the vendor keeps sending them more of the pc cables…
they even gave us a super secret coupon code to try and make up for our troubles…

ahhhh, that clears it up. BOOM shakalaka!

For those that didnt look these up, here is the scoop (BTW there $26.89 FSSS on Amazon):

Product Features:
Official Headset of the NFL and EA Sports
4’ cable with 2.5mm connector and Xbox 360 controller adapter with volume and mute controls
Full, padded, high-quality mono ear cup with adjustable headpiece
Flexible Rotating Microphone Boom with Noise Canceling Microphone
Designed to work with Xbox and Xbox 360 applications

Experience football gaming like never before with this accessory for serious football video gamers. The Motorola Gaming Headset X205 blends enhanced capabilities such as voice command technology and genuine NFL design to re-define play time. The Motorola Gaming Headset X205 delivers endless hours of entertainment while built for superior sound and comfort. Noise reduction technology and integrated volume controls ensure a frustration free experience. Replicating authentic NFL’s headset design, the Motorola Gaming headset looks and functions like the real thing. Delivering a live game experience, the Motorola gaming headset features voice recognition technology from pause to play calls, simply state a command and receive real time results as if you were coaching from the sideline. The integrated flip boom noise canceling microphone ensures your voice is always clearly heard while inline volume and mute control provide easy access to sound management. Featuring ergonomic design, high quality adjustable headband and full cushioned mono ear cup, the Motorola Gaming headset provides comfortable wear for extended playing time. Set up is easy, simply plug into your gaming module via detachable wire support. Truly get in the game with the Motorola X205 Gaming headset.

Had one of these for the xbox. They’re alright. I wouldn’t get it for PC because of the mono speaker. It’s also pretty tight on the head.

Luckily, I’ve already unlocked shipping, b/c they don’t look like they’re worth $8. But for $3, it is worth the gamble on possibly getting a good headset for Skype. I wouldn’t expect anything priced at $3 to provide high end sound. So just buy one and let’s move on to the next Woot-off!

email received a few days ago from, with certain details obscured…

Hey earlyre,

You know how Xbox 360s aren’t the same things as PCs? Well, it turns out not everyone does.

You see, that Motorola “Xbox 360” Headset you bought from Tech.Woot on August 18th? It showed up just fine… with only a PC cable. We tried to get some adapters, twice actually… and both times they turned out to be PC cables too. We’re going to try again, but it’s not looking good at this point. Maybe third times the charm, right? We sure hope so, because if we get any more PC cables, we’re gonna to run out of warehouse space.

Still, what really stinks is that you thought you were getting an Xbox 360 headset, and you’re not. So, we’d like to offer you a xx coupon xxxxxxxx for each headset you purchased. Sure, it won’t fill the void left by all those tirades you planned to unleash on your Modern Warfare opponents, but we think it’ll help. And if you ever choose to venture into the realm of PC gaming, you’re one piece closer to being fully equipped.

Keeping it PC as always,

What’s next ? Another VIZIO POC TV.

it’s for fapping. so, you can hear if someone’s coming

Correct. These headsets were mistakenly sold to us as Xbox headsets. We’ve corrected the listing as PC headsets for this sale. They have a USB connector.

I am continually saddened by the idea that some human beings sit in a dark basement playing computer games. It’s even worse when I realize there are people making money off these sad troglodytes by making things specifically designed to KEEP them in the basement by feeding their addiction special equipment like one-eared headsets.

OK, OK, in some cases, it probably IS best if they stay there. (reconsidering) OK, maybe it’s best if they ALL stay there.


Ah well - still a decent price for skypeset :slight_smile:

I bought it when it was supposed to be for XBOX, and it came with a PC cable. The woot gods gave everyone a refund, but it’s pretty useless for PC. If you have speakers, too, you can just use it for voice audio though.