Motorola Gaming Headset for PC

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Motorola Gaming Headset for PC
$2.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Great if you want to pretend to be Madden while playing xbox.

I kid, I kid…

But seriously folks…where’s the creepy red-headed blow-up doll looking head model we know and love and why isn’t SHE wearing this?

Every single one of these that I have got from woot is dead (3 headsets)!

I got one of these from woot last month and it is great! I use it for computer (PC) games . It plugs into the USB port and gives much better fidelity and comfort than my old headset, while leaving one ear open so I can hear people when they talk to me.

For those intense, realistic games where the enemy is always on your left.

This broke on the first use. lame.

Had one 2 days and it started making horrible fuzzy sounds. Buyer beware…ooooOOooOooo…

Gaming headsets have two ear pieces. Gaming = knowing which direction the person is coming from.

“Quick! They’re on your left - again!”

A 1-Eared gaming headset? How did this NOT sell at full price??

Maybe for NASCAR simulation games?


“Roger” that “Roger”

sounds of static in background

Maybe you could buy two of them, use a dremel tool, cut one in half, then superglue the other cup to the right side…

I don’t care how crappy these are, I’m cramming this into my husband’s stocking this year with the explanation that these will make his gaming experience more enjoyable since now he will be able to devote half of his attention to ME.

…Hear when people talk to you? You’re gaming all wrong, man.

Pointless AND unreliable - now there’s a winning combination.

Fixed that for you.

(Real enemies don’t move that fast, so turning your avatar won’t fix the problem)

Any reason these wouldn’t work with Skype?

Just puttin’ in my 2 pennies… I bought this and it worked well (especially for the price) for quite sometime until the xbox dongle lost its tip. (Thats brisk baby! - Happy Hanukkah!) I’d buy again if I needed a basic headset.