Motorola Gaming Headset for PC

I do, I kind of lack a pair of earphones for my laptop. So hopefully it’s worth its weight in nonsense.

Love it! In for five…

In for the Big 10

Momma needs a newish inexpensive monitor! Make it happen!!

As a sys admin that keeps getting asked for crap this is one time I can say “yes, I do have a crappy headset you can have”

Only 28 minutes???

According to Amazon reviews, not compatible with Xbox 360, fyi.

Soooooooo sick of hearing how bad this headset is. I’ve worked in the video game industry and several of our best multiplayer teams used these so they can keep one ear free to hear other people and still have a covered speaker over the other ear. It’s a working microphone for 99 cents, that alone should be enough.
In best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: “Stop whining!”

In for three!

When we really, really want to get rid of something.

Correct, these are for the PC.

//long story there

I still haven’t tried out the one I bought 3 woot-offs ago.

Edit: Ok, I admit I actually bought 3 of them… and still haven’t tried one.

The only way to do that would be to buy all of them and fill the canyon below the cliff with them. Then again idk what’s worse, falling off the cliff or falling off the cliff into a worlds supply of Motorola gaming headsets…

If it included that brooding mannequin head for storage, I’d be tempted. He looks deeeeep.

I’ll use it as part of a Halloween costume!

Whooooooo! I’m famous!

Just grabbed 2 of them for the kids. I like that there is only one ear piece. Keeps the other ear open for me! LOL

I have done this in the past. After a year of yard sales, eBay and Craigslist, I end up having my own woot-off. Don’t second guess the pros!

Lol! Exactly why I bought some! If they don’t sell by the end of the coming season…I’ve got plenty of other plans for them :blush:

I bought this a few months ago for my 23 year old son and he didn’t like it. He said it was junk, but his friend seem to like it, but it didn’t last very long, it broke after only a few weeks.