Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset

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Gross. Its been in someone else’s ear.

Just aids. I don’t need one of these so I can look “street”.

all that wait for a BT hoboset?

All that wait and it is a woot I bought a while ago. Oh well, it was good stuff, but I don’t need 2.

This is great for the price.

decent for 15 bucks, or no?

snagged one of these in my brothers bag of crap! they are really handy

well at least woottv was fun, hah!

WOW… I was singing “The System Is Down” by Strongbad until it came back. AND watching Woottv with Mike…

I got one of these from Office Depot a while ago for $5 after $35 mail in rebate. It’s basic, but it works just fine. My brother also has one and it does a good job of only picking up the speaker’s voice and not anything else in the area.

I waited for the server to give me another refurb head set. Rat Farts! Good night.

Ok, who unplugged woot’s life support system to polish the floor?

DO NOT BUY! I got one of these during the wootoff back in March. Reception is bad, and sound quality is just terrible. I actually threw mine out the window while driving out of frustration with this monkey poo

This… was not worth the wait. Although I do have one, and I really can’t complain. It works. Nothing fancy, and the sound quality isn’t exactly pin-drop clear, but it gets the job done.

Woot, You are really Dragging my Head! what is this, a Clearing House for Headsets?? Enuf is enuf! Another piece of Cr ap that will Clog up the Next woot off for hours!!

Polish the floor? Don’t you know they have thousands of Roombas for that?

Amazon Reviews 3/5
CNET Reviews 5.7/10

So they are average.

Not a bad unit…

found the HS850 here for same price: