Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset

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Refurbished Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset, for $ + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset

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Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset
$8.99 + $5 shipping


Ohh boy wearing these turns you into an instant douche bag.

Good Headsets. i bought three on the last time they were on Woot! for $9.99 Each, gave one to my mom, and she has no complains. i use one, and keep the spare incase is drops in the flusher.

all in all, a great headset, and NO it didn’t come with earwax.


now buy some, and go to bed.

In for three, hope they are as good as you say.

Refurbished Ear Piece - How gross.

Only if you don’t wear it in the car.

Seriously, I’d consider snagging one… if it wasn’t refurbished. The ‘other people’s ear junk’ angle just doesn’t work for me.

seriously people they clean these lol

If you’re in for only one you might as well get a new one on ebay…they are only about $15 shipped…

maybe this is a dumb question, but I am kinda dumb…how do you know if your phone works with it?

I’d bet more Californians buy these then anyone else… being that we are being told we have to have one on the first if we want to talk while driving… suposidly the tickets are going to be pretty hefty too…

Anyway im in for 3.


Does your phone have bluetooth? If so then yes, except for maybe the iphone I’ve heard. Bluetooth is basically universally compatible wireless technology, they say “Works with most phones” or “works with most headsets” as a disclaimer incase there’s one or two that don’t function right (Probably programmed to refuse connection except with certain ones).

what kinda of phone do you have… look thru your phone settings and see if u find anything that says bluetooth

i dont see $15 shipped. i see buy it now for around 16 + s&h

The irony is that it’s still legal to text while driving

No, they DONT always clean them. I bought one of these refurbs and when it arrived, it was absolutely disgusting. Really, really gross. I tried to clean it with alcohol but it was still too disgusting for me to even consider putting against my ear. It went straight in the garbage… $15 right down the tubes.

EDIT: just want to add a note that it is NOT woots fault. I doubt they go thru them to take on responsibilty to clean them. It is Motorola.

h500 are better… might be good to buy if you want motorola charges… since they are good for alot of other electronics now

In January texting and driving became a secondary offense in Washington (the State for those of you on the east coast), starting on July 1 so will be talking on a hand held cell phone. For those of you who aren’t familiar with secondary offenses it’s where the cops can’t pull you over for it, but if they pull you over for something else they can add on the additional fine (about $85 I think).

Do this search and you’ll see several.

eBay link

The silvers are a little over $14 (~$10 + shipping), the blacks are $14.99.