Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset

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Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset

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Need New !

Do the[Froogle]( H500 Bluetooth Headset).

What tagline is this from?
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
First one to guess. WINS!

Not another BT

in fo tree

yay another headset ;/

Yuck, it says refurbished and the one they used in the pic looks used. See the scuff marks.

I have this one and I can’t stand it. It isn’t loud enough and it just doesn’t sit right on the ear.

SSDD…same sh1t, different day

Product Info on Motorola’s site:

Refurbished? lol… the main picture looks like it’s used. Look at the worn down call button. Caveat emptor!

the cake is i lie, but the pizza sounds good

What is a woot off?

poor design. bad quality.

Good price but some really horrible reviews out there…


Does it smell like the last persons ear that used it? …


have one and it sucks! I got a plantronics and it rocks. You will be dissapointed with this motorola crap

argh! enough bluetooth earpieces already. If I wanted to look like a douche that badly, I’d find alternative ways to do so.