Motorola Home Monitoring and Control System

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Motorola Home Monitoring & Control System
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 Motorola Home Monitoring and Control PC Starter Kit - HMEZ2010
1 Additional Motorola Wireless Color Camera HMWL1010
1 Free Year of Service
1 Motorola Wireless Power Controller

i previously bought this and returned it
the reasons:

  • wireless was aweful, always really fuzzy pic
  • didnt pick up the audio that well
  • didnt work when someone was on w/ my cordless phone
  • the lights have to be on BRIGHT to get any good picture

i wouldn’t go for this…

i don’t even wanna know what goes on in my house when i’m gone… that’d be to much. but thanks woot

Anyone have these? How is the video? Is it color images? Do you have to use the motorola service to stream over the net? I have been looking for something to check on my dogs while I am at work. thanks.


Smarthome USA $120

with Video Demo

PC Mag Review 3.5/5

This isn’t the exact same item but it is called “Homesight” and is by Motorola as well: another Video

HOLY WOOT!!! You have redeemed yourself!

What a great offering.

I can’t wait to get my porn business going again… …
or to watch the kitties…

Interesting and color wouldn’t clash with an iPOD.

thats a pretty cool system…too bad not mac compatiable

the blog today is going to be off the chains…
comparison pricing links, etc… tell me if it’s useful… i might listen.

these look good for leaving the kids with the babysitter

Seems like a decent woot, however, Idon’t care what goes on in my house.

But I do have to ask…do any of the cameras have night vision? for low light situations?

Had me interested until monthly subscription.

Seems like a rip to me… The specs state that to view over and use with the internet, you must subscribe to their service and I assume view through them. What a load. The box should be IP addressable and viewed without paying motorola a subscription fee.


Apparently, last week they were on sale for $70…

edit: Oops, the sale only had one camera. But it did have the free year.

so wait… why do i need a subscription to access the monitoring remotely? As long as your router is configured for remote access, you should be able to vpn in and view this the same as you would on the internal netork. What am i missing???

I think I could seriously use this. Who knows what security guards are doing at night. Logging onto my computer and watching videos.

Im putting one in my toilet, are they waterproof?

Interesting. I’ve actually been thinking about getting some kind of systems like this. Especially since our Garage is separated from the house and you never know if anyone has broken into it until after you’ve walked out from the house and into the garage.

interesting, good, price, but between the reviews i’ve read about it, not worth it in my eyes.