Motorola Home Theater System DCP501


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Nice, not refurb and no rebates.

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Motorola Home Theater System DCP501
Media consolidation in the best possible sense
$129.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Quick: what’s the ugliest piece of furniture in anybody’s house? That’s right: the entertainment center (or media cabinet or whatever)! These ungainly, invariably crappy pieces of Frankenfurniture arose to keep up with the kudzuesque proliferation of new entertainment components since the 1980s – not a bad idea, except they rarely keep their sweet promises of total entertainment order, and they always look terrible (even the IKEA ones).

Now you can drag that particle-board nightmare out to the dumpster where it belongs. The Motorola DCP501 home theater brings a DVD/CD/MP3 player, 100 watts x 5-channel amplifier, and an AM/FM stereo receiver into a single slate-grey casing. If your digital cable provider is halfway cool, they’ll let you use this as a digital cable receiver, too – maybe you can offer your now-obsolete entertainment center as a bribe.

Condition / Warranty:
Condition: New, Retail
Manufacturer Warranty: Service & Support 1 year
DVD player / AV receiver:
Width 17 in
Depth 20 in
Height 6.1 in
Weight 35.1 lbs
Audio System:
Built-in Decoders Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital, DTS decoder
Audio D/A Converter 24bit / 96kHz
Digital Sound Processor (DSP) Yes
DSP Preset Qty 6
DSP Presets Stadium, Arena, Theater, Club, Concert, Church
Surround System Class 5.1 channel
Response Bandwidth 20 – 20000 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 95 dB
Output Channel Qty 5 channel(s)
Output Power / Total 500 Watt
Amplifier Output Details 100 Watt – at 1 kHz – THD 0.1% – 2 channel(s) ( main )
100 Watt – at 1 kHz – THD 0.9% – 5 channel(s) ( surround )
Bass Control Yes
Treble Control Yes
Built-in Display: Fluorescent
Additional Features: On-screen display, built-in digital cable receiver
Headphone Jack Yes
Coaxial Digital Input Yes
Optical Digital Input Yes
Type Radio tuner – AM/FM – digital
Tuning Display Fluorescent display
Preset Station Qty 30 preset stations
Media Format CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, CD
DVD Repeat Modes A-B repeat, all, title, chapter
MP3 Playback Yes
Supported Digital Audio Standards MP3
Remote Control:
Type Universal remote control – infrared
Supported Devices TV, VCR, AV receiver
Features Multi-brand compatibility
Connector Type 1 x composite video/audio input ( RCA phono x 3 ) – front
1 x SPDIF input ( TOS Link ) – front
1 x headphones ( phone stereo 6.25 mm ) – front
3 x composite video/audio input ( RCA phono x 3 ) – rear
1 x audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ) – rear
1 x SPDIF input ( TOS Link ) – rear
1 x SPDIF input ( RCA phono ) – rear
3 x S-Video input ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) – rear
3 x composite video/audio output ( RCA phono x 3 ) – rear
3 x S-Video output ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) – rear
1×5.1 channel audio line-out ( RCA phono x 6 ) – rear
RF input ( F connector ) – rear
5 x speakers output ( one-touch x 2 ) – rear
1 x serial ( 9 pin D-Sub ) – rear
RF output ( F connector ) – rear
Cables Included 1 x S-Video cable – 6 ft
1 x video cable
1 x coaxial RF cable – 6 ft
Included Accessories:
AM antenna, FM antenna
Power Device Power supply – internal
Voltage Required AC 120 V ( 60 Hz )
Disclaimer: Woot staff doesn’t know much about Digital Cable, but we know enough to not guarantee that this will work in your area, with whatever cable you have (even if that cable makes use of other motorola equipment.) It may be a lot simpler than that in some cases, but we’d recommend seeing enough value in the key dvd+receiver features that you’ll be happy if the digital cable proves inoperable in your area.


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Yet another great WOOT. Nice to see them keeping in the everyday man range . May be ugly as they say… but very functional :slight_smile:

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nice woot…

Sells for $270 at Amazon: Link

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Hey look Carl McDowell, I finally make the front WoOt page… I got one of these…

Cheapest one I could find it online was Comp-U-Plus Direct for 263.00, so this a truly great woOt! Thanks! :mrgreen:


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Here is the back side of this item…


im poor, too much :frowning:


Super… Now this is my kind of woot!


:shock: Now this is a nice deal, and the price is sweet but a THD 0.9% is high. My current receiver is .04% THD and that’s a pretty clean sound. Some can tell while others are deaf anyway, but when you crank it up, it will be noticeable.


best price on froogle is 270 ish


Would someone with Woot!
please read the RCA 5-CD 100 Watt Executive Microsystem topic page.


sweet woot.
outta my budget though.

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Nice woot, will have to think about it…


Bummer, another Woot I really don’t need. Well, I’m off to bed!
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first page, but not for me and my college dorm room.


very cool item. sleek.

froogle = $280 so the price is definitely amazing.


I woot, therefore I am. Perhaps someone can tell me: Would the Dell 5.1 speakers hook up to the multiple jacks on this player so that all channels would be used?

In the meantime, I need an air cleaner! Can we get a repeat of the Honeywell from a few weeks ago?


will have to think about this one, anyone know if its any good?


Not for me. Goodnight!