Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset

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refurbished… beware of earwax… hahahahahahahaha

Bought one of these last time they sold it. It works pretty well! People are worried about the volume not being loud enough but it was loud enough for me, make sure your phone volume is up too :slight_smile:

I need something for my PS3. Is this a good buy?

Got one of these at a wootoff for the same price & condition. Works great, sound is clear on both ends. “Get this if you need a headset” is all I have to say.

Got two of these the last time they were on here for the same price. Worked great.

Just got two more, since I decided to let mine get washed in the laundry. Not a good idea, so don’t try it. It stops working and isn’t waterproof. But at least there was no earwax in it when it came out.

Thanks again California for your stupid law banning cellphone use in cars.

I have one of these (not a refurbey) and it works great with my Blackberry Pearl. Doesn’t pick up a lot of outside noise and everyone could hear me clearly. I use it all the time now that California has that new “handsfree while driving” law.

Is this the kinda that goes inside your ear or jsut will sit on top of it. Does it feel secure? My current one is some cheap IOgear that is crapping out and i was wondering if this is good for walking around the house and driving an hour. The current one I have is kinda uncofortable.happy wooting!

I have one of these that came in my BOC. Living in the peoples republic of California I have to wear one if I talk and drive. This sits on the top of you ear and does not feel particuarly secure, but it works well and doesn’t fall off. For ten bucks, not bad.

Forget the earpiece, if you’ve got a motorola phone and need a charger it’s hard to beat $10!

You can get a charger on ebay for like $2

In for 3. As long as they work, 10 bucks each is a great price. I’ll give the other two away.

In for 1! My 2nd woot! Hope it doesn’t suck!

bro dont get this, just wait until socom confrontation, then they will release the official playstation branded bluetooth headset, with its own stand and everything. i heard it was really good quality.

Everyone’s complaining about California’s new hands-free law, but let me remind you that we’ve had one in New York for several years - before Bluetooth was common. We used wires, clipped to our shirts, going into our phones.

Got two of these during the last woot-off, one for me and one for the gf. We both thought we might use them when driving and just leave them in the car… we hated the d-bags that wear them in public… turns out we use them every day around the house… its just so nice to have both hands available when doing laundry or anything else… and I hate holding up a big old PDA to my face when I can avoid it. Its kinda one of those things I never knew I needed.

The battery lasts a good long time. It’s probably about 300% better voice quality than the speaker phone (which the people on the other end cant handle). I can’t tell the difference when my girlfriend is on it or not. Mine will have a little static sometimes if I put the phone in my pocket and the static normally disappears by the next use. I have no idea what causes it or why it happens and it could just be my phone. Either way, that only happens like 1 in 20 calls and I just switch back to the regular phone.

One problem I have (possibly an easy solution to this I am overlooking??) is that the device turns on with one button press… so when I have it in my pocket it will turn itself on and then the next press it will call the last person I called… it has called my parents at like 3am after much alcohol consumption and broadcast the events of the evening… exc… it’s quite a pain. Is there a key lock for this thing?

I bought one of these from Fry’s Electronics for my RASR V3. It worked great for three years, then started having some volume trouble. Can’t blame the headset though I was pretty hard on it and it lasted 3 years. I picked up another 3 last time here on sellout.woot and I have had no trouble at all with the one I’m currently using.

Here is a review
Looks good might just grab one

Also no one drives in New York. So do they work well on the subway? Must be awesome for them bike messenger guys too. Oh, and we should all thank NY’ers for paving the hands free road for the rest of us. What we have done without them? They’re so much cooler than the rest of us.