Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset

I really need a couple of these, but I am not sure I want to go down the refurb road on something like this again.

I bought a refurb bluetooth headset from woot once before. It was not Motorola tho.

It arrived filthy, greasy and beat to hell and back. Really disgusting. there was no way I was gonna use that anywhere near my ear, so I tossed it straight in the garbage.

Dunno, I just kinda figured that refurb meant that someone bought it, it didn’t work so they sent it back to be refurbed immediately. I never expected that refurb could mean that someone bought it used it for a couple of years, never bathed then returned it for resale.


I bought a plantronics refurb bluetooth headset from woot over a year ago and i still use it, its worked perfectly.

I really want to get 2 of these but from the comments of the charging system and how the volume is low, i think i might have to pass.

I wonder when there will be a time when these things won’t sell anymore. Soon enough, people will have to stop buying them because everyone has one already. Well, I suppose if they make it a penny deal, then we’ll all just buy 3 for fun.

Given the fact that the battery usually cannot be replaced, and given the low price of these units, it is just cheaper to change the whole unit when the battery refuses to take a good charge.

And that usually happen within a year of two of the purchase.

This should provide enough demand for these units to continue to sell for a while.

I’m not sure this is worth the fifteen bucks. I’ve had one a couple of years and never use it because I can’t get the volume high enough to hear clearly.

If used in a quiet room it’s OK, but in any other circumstance it’s hard to hear.
Outdoor use? Forget about it.

I’ve had this one for maybe 1-2 years and haven’t had any problems with it. The charger design does suck but perhaps because I use the headset rather infrequently, I haven’t had any issues with loose connection (unlike I do with my Motorola phone and similar charger from about the same era). People don’t seem to have a problem hearing me, although sometimes I wish the volume was louder on my end for conference calls. Overall it’s not sexy, but quite functional and probably worth what they’re asking.

wow this is ancient if i had a history museum id buy it! cmon woot your letting yahoo down at a time that they need you to boost their market value so microsoft wont take over… this is the only connection we have to yahoo you cant risk this or yahoo is doomed!

I’m in for one, my mom just lost hers (same model) and she loved it.

I have a top of the line blueant, one of the most expensive, smallest, bells and whistles galore, and it has turned out to be crap. Reverted back to my old motorola. Big bulky ugly and goofy charger, but still going strong after 5 years. Say what you want, but there are lemons all over, but motorola has not let me down.

Will this only work with a Motorola phone?

refurbished=previously owned= never knowing what the hell people have done with it!!!

That actually looks like it works for the cat.

Your giving that poor cat brain cancer…

Has anyone that bought one of these headsets had a status update on shipping?? I have not received anything on this item yet!!! New to woot so maybe I am just overreacting.

Day 7 and still no updates on shipping – PLEASE HELP – very poor communications regarding this matter. Restore my faith please!!!

Same here…still haven’t heard from them. Anyone actually asked Woot about this yet?

nothing received here either, first purchase i’ve made, not a good impression

where my headset? havent heard anything

my status just changed to shipped.

Just got an email with the shipping information – YEAH YEAH YEAH