Motorola IMFree Wireless Messenger Bundle



Motorola IMFree Wireless Messenger Bundle
$5 shipping


wow… portable aim :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG POS - hahahaha, best title yet!


how does this thing work?
they look pretty neat…but isn’t that what a cell phone is for?
such as a sidekick?


I have a motorola phone, but no thank ye.


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Motorola IMFree Wireless Messenger Bundle
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 Motorola IMFree Wireless AIM Messenger Kit
2 Motorola IMFree Wireless AIM Companion Unit


Where can you use these? are these blackberries for kids?




What the fluffy bunny stuffing, im pretty sure text messenging is standard on cell phones now.


maybe if it could go anywhere…,not just 150 ft. away…



Well, I was waiting fot that 13th one…


I bought a BlackBerry and I’m never ever going back.


Very interesting, but I don’t think I’d use it. Maybe for a family with one computer but lots of kids?


so let me get this straight, you have to be 150 feet within a computer, and youre NOT suppose to be actually on it? i dont think thats possible…


THat’s…just dumb.

It’s called a laptop.


150 feet away? Or I could just yell at them. Either way, who wants to IM their family members in their own house?


If I had like, 3 kids, and they were like, all teenagers, and like, used AOL, this would be perfect


BizRate only has this thing from Amazon… $19.99 for one.

Shopzilla Has a 3 Pack for $29

Yahoo’s got a few more options

… but overall, this is a hot deal. ANyways, did anyone else see the amazing World Cup games thus far? Just wanted to point out the awesomeness. But that discussion is for another board.


maybe if this thing could work without a stupid base unit and could connect directly to any wifi network… but as is, its laaaame!