Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

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Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch
Price: $159.99
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Anyone else see angry robot?

Works with iPhone also…

Check out the product page

I did not see it until you mentioned it.

This is a first gen. Didn’t it blow out at $100 not to long ago?

I think there’s a mistake. I think the 18 mm and 23 mm refer to the band width. I thought all first gen moto 360’s had a 46 mm face…

[MOD: Correct. We’ll fix the sale in just a bit.]

Not sure I’ve seen them that low. But not uncommon for less than this.

Uncle Leo?

Oh, well, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Reviews on a different color over at B&H Photo

Yes, Staples (B&M) had them on clearance at $99.xx a couple months ago, maybe. I was able to nab one in store.

Motorola Moto 360 - Light Metal, 23mm, Smart Watch Discontinued by Manufacturer

I owned the original Moto 360 (this watch) for a year, and loved it for the most part, but as time has gone by, it’s slower CPU and smaller battery have not been able to keep up with improvements in Android Wear. That watch can’t even make it through a work day on a single charge now. I’m not saying this will be true of a “new” last generation Moto 360, but potential buyers should be aware of this. I’m currently wearing the 2015 2nd generation of the Moto 360 with upgraded specs, and it is very respectable in both performance and battery life, even with the “always on” display (I never used that in my old watch due to battery drain).

I absolutely did. First thing. Made me want it more.

5/7 thought was an angry dude.

Still using my 1st Gen Moto360. Love the watch. Recent improvements to Android Wear have made it better. Had some battery challenges early on but the optimizations to the software fixed that. I now easily get a full day out of my watch (6am - 10p with around 40% left).

If you’re wondering why to get one: There’s no ‘killer app’ but it does lots of little things well that makes owning it nice. Here are the features I use/appreciate most often:[list]
[]Check the time without digging out your phone.
]See immediately who’s calling.
[]Easily answer a call (or silence the phone and send someone to voicemail).
]Read texts and emails unobtrusively in meetings.
[]Control music remotely (forward, back, play, pause, volume)
]Numerous great looking watch faces
[]Tracks steps/activity
]Emergency flashlight
[*]Voice control to set reminders and alarms

Compare/contrast to the Samsung Neo that went up recently?


love mine (black). hate the champagne color, but that’s personal preference, I guess. coming from an original pebble, the increase in functionality has been amazing. i got mine for about $50 less than this barely used from your local classified ads website, and i do remember amazon having them for around $150 a while back as the 2nd gen was getting released. that said, if you’re not willing to spring for the full price second gen, and you like the color, this is probably a really good compromise.