Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

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Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 04 to Tuesday, Apr 05) + transit
Condition: New


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The angry watch is back! Must be mad at all those people killing time.

I purchased this watch the last time it was on sale here and am quite happy with it. I did replace the metal watch band (which is of excellent quality, I just prefer leather watch bands) with the cognac leather Moto 360 band which I got on Amazon. I get lots of compliments on how it looks and how it works.

This is a good price for a great product if you want an Android smart watch.

Thanks. Going in for 1.

I have this watch with leather band. Also have a LG G watch. The Moto 360 has good features, but poor battery life. With most features turned on (wifi, tilt to wake, moto body) I get 10 to 12 hours of battery at most. Some times less. LG G watch has less features ( no wifi or Moto Body) but with tilt to wake and ambient screen on I can get 48 hours battery life.
Moto 360 is a more elegant watch and has a better display, I find my self using the LG G watch most of the time and if I wear to Moto 360 I turn off everything I can. If I do that I can get 18 to 24 hours of battery.

It looks like Stewie…

For anyone buying their first smartwatch, this is a good watch at a great price. I also think Google’s Android Wear OS is the best all around OS. It is fully supported, is being updated continually to add new functionality and, IMO as well as most others, provides the best and most powerful voice capabilities of any OS, using Google’s unsurpassed “OK Google” function. I’m disabled and bought my watch specifically to provide voice control for as much as possible. Being experienced with both Samsung’s “S Voice” (Samsung’s Tizen OS) and “OK Google”, I knew Android Wear was the only OS I’d buy. IMO, the voice capabilities Android Wear provides are unmatched. And now, having used my watch for four months, I’m amazed at what it allows me to do. I accomplish almost everything using voice. I open apps, initiate many app commands, initiate phone calls, compose and send emails and texts, not to mention the vast capabilities of asking Google a question on any topic I choose. Some of the other OS’s do provide certain functions currently unavailable in Android Wear, however Google is constantly updating their OS and I’m sure those functions will be coming shortly. For example, the latest Android Wear update has enabled the speaker in any watch containing one which, until the update, lay dormant, such as in my ASUS ZenWatch 2. So again, if you’re new to smartwatches and voice control is important to you, you won’t be disappointed in this watch.

Is this the 1st or 2nd generation of the Moto 360? I assume 1st since it doesn’t say, but I thought the 18mm only came out with the 2nd gen…?

It’s a 1st gen

excellent. this is all i wanted to hear. :smiley:

Will Motorola honor the warranty if we buy it from Woot? Got mine new from eBay, and when it stopped working, Motorola told me they wouldn’t support it because although it was brand new, eBay isn’t an authorized reseller.

Is it brand new and in retail package?

I have virtually no experience with smart watches. Is part of their value, or maybe most of their value to be used in conjunction with a cell phone? Unlike a majority of people, I do not usually even carry a cell phone, but I do own a tracfone. Is a smart watch useful without a cell phone?

Does anyone know how large a wrist this will fit?

Well, we bought directly from Moto so I think you’re good.

Its a shame that this only comes in the gold color. I’ve been waiting for this exact watch to drop to this price, but not in this color! I want the black one!

This particular watch wouldn’t be especially useful without a smartphone to join with it. Most smartwatches are as you suggested and primarily exist to offer more convenient access to some of the phone’s capabilities, as well as adding a few additional self-contained features like pedometers and heart rate monitors that work locally to the watch and might also tie in with an app on the phone. Even if this would be somewhat useful to you for the self-contained features, you’d probably be better off with a fitness tracker watch for the better battery life.

If you are interested in a stand-alone smartwatches of a style similar to this one that could maybe replace your tracphone, you might consider the Samsung Gear S or (some versions of the) S2 - they takes a SIM card and can make calls on their own. They’re pricier though.

The watch comes with an extra pair of links to expand the watch band. I don’t have huge wrists per se, but found that one link was still to small while two was to large. So it made my decision to spend $29.00 for the leather band much easier - and I am happier with that anyway. :wink:

The one I purchased on Woot!, the last time it was on sale, was brand new in factory packaging. I was able to easily register it on the Motorola Moto 360 web site. Make sure you get the latest update to its OS though via download.