Motorola Moto Z 32GB Unlocked Phones

Will NEVER buy another Motorola phone, EVER! They have totally dropped the ball on updates after they went to Lenovo. Have the Moto X Pure Edition, which is a great phone but it’s still sitting on Android 6 after multiple promises of Nougat “soon”… 6 months later. Don’t do it, people! Avoid Moto phones! They no longer care about customer support!

I second the opinion not to buy Motorola phones. Not only did they fail to deliver the long promise nougat update for the Moto X Pure Edition, they haven’t provided a security update since December. And that one was months late.

I have a question. Your sale copy says

But the specs/descriptions for both phones strongly imply that neither of these models will work with Verizon:

(Emphasis added.)
Neither of the models here is a Droid, at least at first glance. So is that blurb in the beginning about these being good for Verizon correct?

A couple of questions:

  1. What is the model number for the Moto Z? It lists XT1650. I’m looking for XT1650-03 so that it will be compatible with Republic Wireless. Will this phone work?

  2. Does the Moto Z have 32GB or 64GB storage? In the title it says 32GB, but in the Specs it says it has 64GB. Which is it?

You may be right. I’ve tried to sort out the model numbers but haven’t figured it out yet.

Either it’s the Droid version and it works with Verizon (is it also GSM compatible?), or it isn’t the Droid version in which case it will only partially work on Verizon.

I think we need clarification on the listing.