Motorola Moto Z Play Unlocked VZW & GSM

My VZW edition Z Play is on the August 2017 security patch. Also it is running 7.1.1. Other carriers’ editions may be behind, but that is on the carrier, not Moto.

I have an unlocked version, and it just got 7.1.1 and the July security patch last week. Maybe I just got spoiled by my Nexus phones or something, but it is a bit annoying not getting updates regularly. I pulled my old Nexus 5x out, charged it up, and there was Oreo waiting to be downloaded and installed.

Anyway, other than updates, I like the phone. I don’t like the giant bezels, and it’s not the best looking phone around, but wow, that battery life. After dealing with terrible battery life on my Nexus 5 and 5x, it is a huge upgrade. Also, the software is pretty close to stock Android, which is a big plus for me.

Wow. I’m having a hard time finding this to be a bargain, considering the fact that ONE MONTH AGO, Verizon was selling the NON-refurbished, brand-new, NEWER version of this phone – the Moto Z2 Play – for $120.

30 days ago I paid half this price for a brand-new instance of the next generation of this same phone. Woot/Amazon should be able to do far better than this.

And the price of your phone today? As soon as you develop a time machine, your point will be valid.
And your phone is carrier locked.

Will this phone accommodate the additional add ons, such as the projection and speaker attachments?


Yes. This phone is compatible with all Moto Mods.

maybe i can help…

i used the site WillMyPhoneWork linked to in the product description, and this phone says “May Work” listing Band4-AWS, Band2-1900MHz.

i also have T-Mobile and i’m using a Galaxy S5 (specifically the SM-G900T) that has been working perfectly fine. i used the same site to look up my own phone and i get the same result, “May Work” listing Band4-AWS, Band2-1900MHz

i conclude that this phone has a very good chance of working on T-Mobile.

My question is the battery with these refurbished phones. Is it possible to tell the state of it? I assume the battery isn’t new and only replaced IF the refurbisher feels it necessary.

Is there an easy way to see the state of the battery upon purchase?

I have a hard time calling this a bargain when you can get a brand new LG G5 RS988 (the unlocked North American variant that works for the Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) from B&H for the same price. You get nine months extra warranty, more ram, better processor, a better camera, a user replaceable battery that can be hot swapped, no Verizon bloatware, plus no tax for 90% of the country and no shipping. I understand you don’t get a better battery but for the cost of tax and shipping from woot you can get a spare battery and charging cradle and not have to worry what kind of shape the battery you got in your refurbed phone is in.

The Woot deal does not require any contract. It is unlocked, so I can also use it to travel internationaly just putting in a locally bought GSM SIM card.

How long was the contract on the phone you bought from Verizon? :wink:

$120 for an outright purchase? That’s interesting, since retail price on Verizon’s website for the Z2 Play right now is $408.

And by “interesting,” I mean “extremely unlikely.”

Like my current Motorola Droid Turbo, will this phone have wireless charging? I can place it on a the charging pad as I do the one that I have now? Would anyone know?

Thanks again.

Is this the XT1635-01 or XT1635-02? If it’s for Verizon, I’m assuming it’s 01, but then it isn’t named Droid.

I looked it up and I think it is only possible if you buy a ‘Moto Mod’ attachment to enable it. The Mod also contains an additional battery for more life.

I have two of these, the black and silver one for me and the white and gold one for my significant harassment.
We are on Verizon and our last security update was last week September 08, 2017 at 11:45 AM.

Are you folks checking your updates manually? We do.

It is an amazing phone in all respects. I love the cameras, the RAM and speedy processor.

The batteries are Spit HOT!! We had Windows 10 phones previously but wanted bio-metrics and some other features that this phone has. We had two wireless Qi chargers for our old Lumia 735s, but these phones are not ready for wireless. Then since we got them free from Verizon’s black Friday 2016 sale, we bought two of the TUMI model MY382 wireless charging battery Moto Mods. They are 2220 mAh/8.2Wh I rarely use them and only will take them on trips.

The batteries last so long I actually have had them almost completely discharged because I no longer check my battery levels every day. Seriously! They last so long I almost forget to charge them! I see 30% and that is good for a day most times. I don’t want to plug them in at 80% every night either.

I bought some very high quality Micro USB to USB C adapters for less by far than buying the cables on Amazon here:
I use my high quality micro USB cables now just fine.

Charging with the wall wart power supply that comes with it is unreal! Totally charged in an hour or so. I plug it in for ten minutes and go from 10% to 40%!

Cases are difficult because of the back that needs to be easily accessed to pop on or off any mods you have. We got clear cases that cover the backs and the edges. I later ordered a “case” that is really just a bumper around the edges to use the Battery mod when I forget to charge the phone as the Power Pack mod stays in the house charged next to the charging station in my office. So I use the decorative back that comes with each phone and then just pop it off and pop on the battery mod as my plastic case only covers the edge all around so it is still thin. My phone does not fit in my car phone holder with the battery on, but I also have fast chargers in the truck and cars. It fits fine with the decorative back cover only.

If you hate typing or like hands free commands instead of saying listen up moto, I changed mine to “Kirk to Enterprise,” except my one syllable last name in place of Captain James T Kirk. For example I say “(Name) to Enterprise” and it goes dink! and I then say call my wife on speakerphone and it does just that. Or send a text etc.

We both dislike Android. But when Windows dropped support for our phones we tried Apple but they were crazy! No micro SD card port and we could not load our music on them without downloading their bloatware iTunes. So we got these MotoZ PLay when they first came out. Then we found an App called Square home and it was free! It turns the Android into a Windows 10 launcher and all the other Apps on a page that swipes in from the right just like Windows 10 mobile! Sizing the tiles and moving them works the same too.

We love them.

Hello Moto!!!

Oh I forgot. My play started out with Marshmallow Android 6.0,1 but it was upgraded by update to Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)

My play has Non-removable Li-Ion 3510 mAh battery. The newer Play2 has less battery with a non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. The original play has a 16mp camera and the newer play2 only has a 12mp camera.

My older Play has 3 GB or RAM and the new Play 2 has 4GB RAM.

Otherwise the older model I have is the same or better in all areas except the PLay2 has 1GB more RAM.

Older Play:
Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 5.5 inches (~69.1% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels (~403 ppi pixel density)
Multitouch Yes
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3

So the display resolution and Gorilla glass 3 are the same on both.

So the new play has no advantage except 1 more GB or RAM. The new PLay2 camera is lesser specs as is the battery on the Moto Play 2

This is a great buy as long as they are in perfect operating condition.

Just FYI for anyone looking, the listing says this is the Verizon variant of the XT1635 which means the bootloader probably cannot be unlocked.

Came here to say, this is my current phone for the past 10 months. Easily 10 hours on-screen time. For reference, a flagship phone like the iPhone 8 or Samsung s8 will get about 4 hours on-screen time.

i just got this phone,i’m disapointed and dealing with this annoying message not a veraizon sim card ,and i can’t get rid of it,im going crazy,i’m already sorry that i got this phone .woot woot customer service sucks,they saying no returns unless is they mistake,like wrong color or description.