Motorola MOTOACTV GPS/MP3 Sports Watch

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Motorola MOTOACTV GPS/MP3 Sports Watch
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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Condition: Refurbished


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I got one of these and the screen started to go bad immediately. It’s now unusable and I’ve had trouble with the warranty. Saddens me as there are few of these types of gadgets with GPS inside and they are often $350 or more.

Woot/Amazon sure has a lot of these

I LIKE this watch, and I have the Galaxy Gear Fit. Sure, the Motoactiv is as big as a pill box, but I can load it up with music, connect it to my bluetooth headphones, enable the GPS, and track my route, distance and pace while running. Nice!

Originally purchased this for about $200.

-looks cool
-watch face changeable

-bad touch response
-terrible battery life
-band has cheap construction
-songs randomly stop & start
-wonky web interface. can’t export data

Personal experience:
not enough space for songs, sometimes the body of the watch would flex so songs would randomly start and stop.

Watch is difficult to remove from band (band has cheap construction). You would want to unclip when you take heart rate, but since this isn’t water resistant I wouldn’t clip it on your chest.

It uses standard micro-USB to charge, and fortunately I have plenty of those lying around, so I was able to charge.

But it doesn’t hold much charge, so it was tethered lots.

Been using one for about 1.5 years. Far from perfect, but worth the $120 I shelled out then. Quite adept at tracking runs and bike rides. The web software has been the only downside - the motoactv website lacks development (understandably), and it does not connect to other formats and sites (such as strava) without manual conversion. The web interface would qualify as sufficient, though. Motorola supported it well when it was still under warrantee.

Anyone used these for hiking?

I bought one of these on Woot a couple of months ago and I have been very happy. I think it is a great deal for the price.

Other people complain about low storage space and short battery life. I do not find I have a problems with these things. It will last on a 4 hour bike ride which is more than enough for me and I charge after each workout. I put a 50 song playlist on that I never really change so the storage isn’t a problem for me.

I use this device only for workouts, not for day to day use. But for workouts, it is excellent.

Setting up the motoactv site was a bit of a pain at first and there is a separate software to manage the music transfer. I can’t imagine that this software will be supported ever due to Motorola being passed around tech companies. That said, my workouts sync automatically over wifi with the website and I can look at my times and routes. It is a decently done feature. That routes and maps feature is not really programmable for navigation, wish it was.

TLDR: Buy it for workouts, not for anything else.

I’ve got 16Gb version (new one) from last woot for about $164.
Works fine as is and the battery last about 2 to 3 days.

Then I root the device and it’s android watch… Running honeycomb launcher, Opera works fine as browser, Angry bird plays, Google play store, Movie plays with no issue, etc., Downside is battery last about 4 hrs when running new rom.
Pressing POWER button quickly 2x enable for me to start different launcher, enabling me to go back to original motoactv configuration.

Yes, but only for logging not navigation. Unless someone else can correct me the map is pretty useless with fixed placement and no option to scroll.

Here is an example workout for you:

Play around with the metrics (incl the heart rate monitor I use). Also no privacy zones or export to strava is a bummer.

Can anyone compare this to the garmin 110 thats on deals.woot right now?

Some of the “cons” don’t make sense.

“-bad touch response”
Never had much of a problem.

“-terrible battery life”
I’ve had it last for more than 4 hours with music and heart rate going. Should get most people through a marathon with no problem. Make sure you have the latest firmware and set the watch for marathon mode.

“-band has cheap construction”
never had a problem. Thick and solid.

“-songs randomly stop & start”
? never had that happen.

“-wonky web interface. can’t export data”
I’ll agree with the first part. not a great website. However. you CAN export, and I have.

“Personal experience:
not enough space for songs,”
8 GB for the smaller capacity watch. How much music are you carrying? More than enough for me to get through many MANY runs before repeats.

“sometimes the body of the watch would flex so songs would randomly start and stop.”
How is the watch flexing? It just sits on the wrist.

“Watch is difficult to remove from band (band has cheap construction). You would want to unclip when you take heart rate, but since this isn’t water resistant I wouldn’t clip it on your chest.”
??say what?? The watch uses a heart rate monitor chest band (sold separately, any ANT band should work) to take heart rate. You wouldn’t put the watch around your chest!

the watch isn’t perfect, but I love mine and it has the best combo of features NO other watch offers.

Anyone use this for golf? If so, I would be interested in hearing how it is for that application. Thanks!

Got it a few woot weeks ago for $109.99, and the price keeps on falling. I have yet to root mine. claynpotter, does toggling it back to original configuration return the battery life to original spec?

I like the nike sportwatch myself - it isn’t a touchscreen, or even a color screen, but the GPS tracking is great for keeping up on how far you’ve run, and the live “rate” feature is nice too (not exactly live, but I’d say it updates roughly every 10-15 seconds). Additionally, while the nike running software is fairly no frill, it DOES track your running on a daily/weekly/monthly basis which I like very much.

I do use mine for golf, and it works great. Gets me nearly through 2 rounds when traveling.

Here’s a pretty cool review I found back in the day on my golf spy:

Seems like a great deal this time around.

Works with wireless bluetooth headsets as well, so you can be wireless & listen to tunes. Also, you can read text messages and tweets on your wrist while your phone is in your golf bag.