Motorola MOTOACTV GPS/MP3 Sports Watch


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Motorola MOTOACTV GPS/MP3 Sports Watch
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And of course, there’s a custom ROM for it, for all your Android hackers:

Is the 16 GB also a golf edition

Are these still operable when one’s hand is wet? Nobody works out without having sweat or water on your hand, and don’t want the touchscreen become useless. Worse yet, what about when dousing water on oneself, should we be concerned about it getting in to the ports?

No, that’s one of its biggest problem, the touchscreen is completely unusable with sweaty fingers. That’s too bad, because it’s an incredibly capable gadget (GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth… you can even display maps on it).
Other major usability issues I had with it was the very poor readability in bright sunlight and the awful battery life (under 3 hours with GPS active, under 24 hours only using it as a watch).
For the same price, the Nike/TomTom may look less fancy and capable, but at least what it does, it does well. The MOTOACTV doesn’t do anything remotely well.
Also, the division that made it was a casualty of the Google purchase, so don’t expect any updates or support. This is a discontinued product and a dead product line.

I purchased NEW 16GB from last woot.
Pro: battery last about 3 days for me. mp3 play. sync with bluetooth device such as car radio or headset. Display weather, call long, and messages. surprisingly easy to read text.
Con: facebook app does not work. No app to sync up email (there is one for Gmail that you have to purchase from 3rd party). Motorola is sold to Lenovo, so not sure if this device will be supported in the future. No built in camera like Samsung.

Belongs in A BOC. Customer service SUCKS. I have one, second time wearing it the LCD shattered while mowing lawn.I pay to mail it back, about two weeks later i get it back from Motorola with a note. They had evaluated the GPS and have found the LCD to be broken.Top notch team of service technicians, I had to mail it back again and ask them not to ship it back broken again. Had to pay $120 to have new LCD. I call BS on 3 day battery life. I run marathons and thought this would be good to train with. If I got 4 hrs out of one charge that’s a lot. ( I know run faster). Go with a Garmin for your GPS and Ipod for your music.
Good idea poor execution.Product was discontinued.
Sorry Woot

I actually have 2, one for the wife and one for me. One of mine broke( some pressure on the screen) and I replaced it because I had a square trade warranty on it, and ordered another.

Reason: It is the only one I can find with Bluetooth, MP3, GPS, and ANT+. I mainly bike with it. I wear a heart monitor, and a speed sensor on the bike, it handles those. Then I carry a set of Bluetooth headphones (only wear the non traffic side of them).

They released an update some time back that made em all Golf Editions. Also extended the battery life, you can go in and set when the GPS intervals are, the default is like 1sec, but I have mine set to “Marathon” which is like 3secs, and it does work for quite a while, 3-4 hours.

I don’t wear it ever as a normal watch, so no idea there.

Wife likes it too. Wife just runs with it and wants her pace, and sometimes uses the MP3 portion of it as well.

But yeah, don’t ever expect anymore updates… it’s been dead for a while to Google/Motorola and now that they sold, wonder if even the sync software on the pc will end up dead.

They all have the ability to run the golf app. You may need to get it from the motactv site.

Thanks for all the comments!!!, it’s extremely helpful!!!

You have all helped me avoid being let down and frustrated.

That Cnet review doesn’t make this thing sound very appealing at all. It sounds like it’s an unfinished product, lot’s of ability within reach but very incomplete.
I wish Apple would build workout functionality into the Nano touch, that wouldbe awesome.

I’ve considered one of these for a long time. Mainly because it’s the only device to ever hit the market that has GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and ANT+ functionality. I’m really surprised the fitness device market hasn’t caught on and simply added music storage/playback with Bluetooth. I could run with just this instead of my Garmin watch and iPod/iPhone. I only take my phone to play music/audiobooks when I run.

But support is definitely off the table for this, and has been for years. When Google purchased Motorola mobile division, it included this product team and it was axed. Not sure if that matters though, honestly. If it does what you want it to do, who cares if it’s not getting updates.

My main question is whether it supports the Garmin foot pod. It is ANT+, but I don’t know if the running app supports the foot pod for pace data. My Garmin watch lets me decide whether I want pace/speed from the foot pod or satellite.

You don’t need the foot pod, although I think it would probably connect, the device has motion detection and counts steps (all day actually). For running it has an Indoors mode which uses step data to calculate pace and distance. I use that mode for running on the indoor track at the gym.

Man. . . I just don’t need YAG (Yet Another Gadget). Do I? I already have my Timex Run Trainer, but I can’t play Dig Dug or Frogger on it.

What to do, oh what to do.

I’ve had mine for over a year and it works great. I don’t understand some of the complaints, unless people are trying to use if for things it wasn’t intended for (Facebook app? WTF?). It’s not an everyday watch, it’s a sport tool. I’m a runner, and I’ve had little trouble with it.

Screen readability in sunlight: The screen works beautifully. I’ve never had trouble reading it in daylight. I don’t understand this complaint.

Battery life: make sure you have the latest update. I’ve had used it for up to four hours with music playing over bluetooth, GPS active, and a heartrate monitor attached, and haven’t run out of juice. I don’t run much longer than that. If I do, it’s for a marathon, and I leave the music and HR monitor at home anyway. And that’s without switching it to “Marathon Mode” that increases the GPS tracking from every 1 second to every 3. Yeah, if you’re trying to wear this all day and play music, you may be disappointed, but that’s not what it’s intended for.

Sweaty hands: Don’t know. I’ve sweated pretty heavily, but haven’t had trouble with the screen. However, I don’t touch the screen much once I start running. Start and end are done with a button, not the screen, as are the music controls. Most of the touch screen stuff is getting starting and wrapping up. Just wipe off your hand, I guess.

Waterproofness: Definitely a concern. The unit uses a microUSB port and headphone jack, gateways for water. Don’t wear it swimming. I keep the ports plugged (I recommend using bluetooth headphones and leave the 'phone jack plugged). It hasn’t been an issue yet.

My only real complaint is that it’s tied to MotoActv’s website. There’s no way to sync data with other popular tracking sites like MapMyRun. (You can export your data from the website and import it, but it’s cumbersome.)

I love that it syncs automatically via wifi when I get home from a run. The only time I plug it into my computer is when I want to update my music files.

As others have said, it’s the only running watch with all these features. I find it the perfect watch for my running needs.

Anyone know how the golf GPS works? Does it come pre-loaded with courses? Charge $$ for loading?