Motorola MotoNav 3.5" GPS Navigator with Text-to-Speech

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Motorola MotoNav 3.5" GPS Navigator with Text-to-Speech
$44.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Motorola MotoNav TN20 3.5" Touchscreen GPS with Text-to-Speech, Lane Guidance, 2D/3D Maps

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1st moto i seen so cheap hmmmmm



can this be hacked ?

How recent is the map in this unit?

Excellent price for this unit. Anyone who has not previously acquired a GPS no longer has any excuse not to do so.

How often does this get updated with the lastest maps?

I have one of these that not only provides directions, but takes pictures, surfs the web, is a mobile hotspot, places phone calls, plays music files, has an hdmi interface, a front facing camera for video conferencing… oh wait, thats my EVO… nevermind…

unfortunately, i cannot recommend this to anyone except on the strictest of budgets

Review at laptopmag



The text-to-speech on this one gets very high marks. Apparently, its pronounciation is much better than average.

can you change the voice?

Does it have any other features besides Text-to-Speech that make it a good deal?

How often are updates available?

What’s the cost of an update file?

It’s really stinkin’ cheap. Does that count?

$50 for a 3.5" screen nav unit? Sorry… over priced. Larger, 4.5" screens are the norm now and can be had for $60 pretty easily. Personally, I could not go back to a small screen. The larger screen show so much more of the surrounding area. Very useful.

except for the reason that Motorola is not a strong brand for GPS…
why not a cheap Tomtom or Garmin, tons of them, if you are willing to pay 10 bucks more.

I’ve got one of those Garmin crap thingys, which has a touch screen you have to use with a hammer because it doesn’t register a regular person’s touch. Does anyone know how this compares?