Motorola MPX200 Unlocked GSM SmartPhone



Motorola MPX200 Unlocked GSM SmartPhone
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1 Motorola MPX200 Unlocked GSM SmartPhone


Good luck manually configuring the wap(internet) and mms(multimedia messaging) settings on your own!!

Approximately a 50 step process for all.

The cell phone tech reps do have an over-the-air configuration for “wap” settings, but not mms.



useful linkage blog has shopzilla, pricegrabber, shopping, nextag, etc… but what i really wanna know is, who’s gonna buy this thing on a saturday?.. maybe if were a 2fer tuesday… but on saturday?.. a cell phone re-furb?




Seems like an odd woot. Can there be enough buttons on that phone to make it “smart”?


Would this work with t-mobil?


Which companies are gsm again? All but verison, Correct?


grr… I’d dig in if only it had BT…


How many people buy phones w/o a plan? Just seems like a better deal all around to buy it w/ a plan.


Not Tri-Mode? hmmm. Have to think about this one because I’ve been needing a gsm phone…


Can you run Linux on this? Seriously. Can you get rid of windows Mobile, and load a version of Linux?


Anyway…very old, very slow. I had the successor, the MPx220 and it was kind of slow too. Old 2003 version of Windows Mobile.


Whic companies does this work with?


Nice, but I picked up a Cingular 3G SYNC today.



horrible deal. just check ebay. can get a non-refurb for less.


T-mobile I’m sure. Only 2 companies that aren’t GSM. ???


Dual band GSM only? Not quite world compatible…


No bluetooth = no woot for me tonight.