Motorola Nexus 6 32GB VZW/GSM Unlocked

It looks like pretty good phone in spite of being 4 yrs old.

However, I’ve been burned before with a “compatible” phone that worked only as a phone because it didn’t have the right frequencies to handle 4G/LTE data from my carrier. shows two sub-models of this Nexus 6 by Motorola. One is compatible with my carrier, the other isn’t.

If I knew the sub-model number for this phone (beginning with XT110) it would be very helpful.

This is what I see on the product page: Motorola Nexus 6 XT1103 32GB VZW/GSM

Thanks. Now I’ll have to consider it against two others I’m looking at.

I love how one of the phones shows a scene from the game Monument Valley!

I believe that one model is for US and the other is for outside the US. The Google Fi site has the different model names because only one of the two is compatible with Fi (it’s the US version).

I recently got a new Motorola phone, x4, switched from iPhone and I like it a lot. I was considering getting my son a phone as he starts high school and this is around my price point, but is it OK that it’s only upgradeable to Android 7.1 and will it be able to run it OK?

I feel like Android phones aren’t as annoying as iPhones for making phones obsolete with different software versions… should he be able to use this a while, or am I going to have to upgrade it soonish anyway and should buy something newer (pricier)?

does this have a sim card slot for verizon prepaid?

7.1 is only one major android version behind the current release (8.1), with 9.0 set to be released later this year. Having used a phone that was stuck on 5.1 until a few weeks ago (the original MotoX), I didn’t have major issues running an old version of android until some app developers stopped supporting that version. This is probably a decent deal, considering that used nexus 6 is about $105-125. I don’t have much experience with buying scratch & dent on woot.

I just recently sold one of these and I rooted it and it was running nightlies of Lineage OS (Android Worked excellent and was still snappy. Mine was on Straight Talk. This is an awesome deal - nice job Woot! (depending on how bad those S&Ds are!)

The phone I received was in excellent condition. I’m curious if the battery or screen was replaced during the refurbishment of this device.

It’s hard to know on a particular unit. The batteries are tested and replaced if needed. If the screen is cracked or considered too scratched, they would replace it was well.

Good to know, thanks.