Motorola Pet Scout 500- Wireless Pet Monitor

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Motorola Pet Scout 500- Wireless Pet Monitor
Price: $77.99
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“Communicate” with your pets?

You must NOT have cats. If I’m in the same room with them, they MAY look at me. Do what I tell them, only if it is to go to the food bowl, and then, only if I just opened a can of food.

Dogs, on the other hand…


Would this work for senior care monitoring?

For senior care monitoring you want an internet IP wireless unit like the drop cam product. About $100 a year, you watch real time on any computer or android phone. Also offers communication but that’s worthless since once they become “senior” they are worse than cats (see earlier comment posted on cats).

520 foot range, but it is for INDOOR use only.

Must be for super extra large houses, huh?

Great if you live in aircraft hangar ?

I’m surprised no one is stating the obvious here-- this is one heck of a price for a dual camera baby monitor. One thing the specs don’t mention is if there is an audio-only mode. If so then this is no different than the two camera system we have for our twins but in black instead of the requisite baby item white. We swear by video monitors and we’re so glad to have found our Motorolas when we did at the price we did (these here are cheaper than the ones we have btw).

Can it record video?

I presume these can be monitored by anyone in your neighborhood (at least those within 520’ of you…)

Be careful what you say around the house…


I’ve also been looking for a cheap backup-camera solution for my truck & camper trailer. I need something that’s not Wifi, so I’m thinking something like this could pull double-duty…

According to Sears website for this product it does have two-way communication. (Also confirmed it via Amazon and WalMart…assuming all their descriptions are accurate)

So based on what I know about my existing baby monitor, the “2-way communication” means you’d still need to figure out how to hook an amplified speaker up to the remote camera. That notwithstanding, being able to hear what’s going on at the camera is more important.

Basing this next link solely on the pictures, this appears to be the exact same product on Motorola’s website, minus one camera and in the requisite “baby white”
Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor

It is doable, but the cameras need a wired power source. Only the monitor has a rechargeable battery.

Here is the Baby monitor version selling with one less camera and almost double the price.

Drop Cam does not have a yearly fee unless you want to record. If you are okay with just watching what’s happening live, then its free. I use it as a baby monitor and it works well.

Both the camera and the monitor have plug in power supplies.

OK, I’ll give it a shot. I’m in for one.

110v outlets on both truck & trailer :slight_smile:

/woot coupon I’d been holding onto just expired last week.
//sad face

Will the cameras work with the Motorola mbp 36

Will this only monitor “Wireless” pets? I have a goldfish from the 70’s and he still has to be plugged in.

Also, thanks for the second picture, seeing the monitor in between the two cameras really answered all the questions.

Just feeling snarky today!