Motorola Pet Scout 500- Wireless Pet Monitor

Can anyone tell if this pans and tilts, or does it zoom? I have the MBP26-B baby monitor (B is for black, available on Amazon for cheaper than the white) that appears to be identical otherwise, except only one camera. If this has the same features I might return the other and get this.

The two way communication works well, a lot like a walkie talkie, push to talk and release to listen.

Shoot, I paid $90 for a single camera setup. This thing is pretty great, the battery doesn’t last a super long time, and the distance doesn’t really work from 300 feet, TVs and Fridges tend to interrupt the signal something fierce.

I was considering getting this until I realized my son is 16 months and I don’t really need any more cameras.

Upon further research I think the Scout500-2 is equivalent to the baby version MBP25-2, and there is also a Scout600 which appears to be the Mbp26. The key difference from what I can tell, aside from the number of cameras, is the 5 series can zoom and pan the zoomed image, while the 6 series can remotely pan and tilt, but not zoom.

It zooms, but only pans and tilts in zoom mode, so the camera isn’t actually moving.