Motorola Razr V GSM Unlocked Smartphone

Motorola Razr V GSM Unlocked Smartphone
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By the specs this phone only runs over 2g on t-mobile network

Is this a Verizon unlocked Smartphone being a GSM?

[MOD: no, Verizon uses CDMA]

Time to check out the product page

It’s $157.20 on Amazon, with free shipping, so not much of a sale.

[MOD: + $5.48 shipping]

Should work on at&t, too.

Reviews aren’t exactly stellar, even from back when it was new.

Verizon does not support GSM phones. Their pre-LTE network is CDMA, which is not compatible with this device.

It says for AT&T and T-Mobile on the bottom

I’m not 100% sure but the title says “GSM Unlocked”

Looks like this is 3G at best… not 4G even?.. everything now is 4G LTE pretty much…

around $140 for an old tech phone, 2 generations back…

… what happened to the woot values of old?

what year was this first came out?

I am frustrated that Woot is not posting full specs, which makes it hard to figure out what I might buy!

Not according to the model number Woot has posted. A Verizon Moto Razr is an XT912. The specs are not complete, as previously commented upon. As per Motorola’s site, you can see the WCDMA bands (3G) include 1900 and 2100, so it is possible to catch 3G from both AT&T and T-Mobile (in T-Mobile’s refarmed areas, as markets not yet refarmed rely on the 1700 band for their 3G).

With it only being a 14.4Mbps device, I would pass, personally, as anything with a modem slower than 21 is a deal-killer for me. I prefer 42 if the phone is not LTE compatible. It is still a decent device, but, for the money, one can do a great deal better data speed-wise.

does this phone have NFC?

The battery is 1750 MAh which is terrible. The Droid Razr Maxx has a 3300 MAh battery which lasts a couple days…that’s all the specs I need. Old tech.

Hi all. Here’s a cheat sheet to what cellular technology the big carriers use in the U.S.

Add less than $40 and buy a brand new Moto G Google Pay - Pure Android KitKat (no bloatware), HD screen, better battery, faster CPU (Quad core), more memory, 4G LTE, Less than $40.00 more, come on that is a no brainer!

Why is everyone so interested in carriers? This Razr is an unlocked GSM phone, so you don’t have to get a contract with any particular carrier. You can just do it the way the rest of the world gets their mobile service: buy a SIM, pop it in, and pay-as-you-go. I use SpotMobile in the USA, but my unlocked GSM is quad-band (just like this Razr), so when I travel to other countries I just buy a local SIM.

I have owned the Verizon Moto Droid Razr for the last two years. During this time I have dallied with various other phones in my role as an IT Manager with Mobility in his folio…here is my two cents.
-Build Quality is excellent
-Splash resistant.
-Can take a hit
-Fits well in the hand
-Talk quality is on par with modern Samsung / Apple devices
-Run’s like a champ once rooted and running CM11 (Stable) 4.4.2 plays any game I have lobbed at it…DRaSTic and PvZ2.
-Headphone jack broke after a medium level of usage in month 23.
-Jellybean (4.0-4.1) made this phone perform very poorly.
-Not “cool” if you are a smartphone junkie

Summary: If you plan on buying this phone do so with the intention of deploying CM11 on it. It will work wonders for you. I know a Moto G is less…but the build quality is not there with this device…it was “premium” at the time.